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PM Modi’s fourth unwanted trip to Nepal, change of guard in Pakistan

By NP Upadhdhya
The slain Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi had a fervent desire to gulp Nepal much similar to the way she swallowed the Independent and Sovereign Nation, Sikkim, into the Indian Union through the grand connivance of Lendhup Dorje, a Sikkimese national who had some political differences with his own King on some internal issues. The annexed Sikkim nationals say that “after the assimilation with India everything is fine with the day to day life but that has been in effect associated with continued insult and humiliation”.
This speaks of the Sikkim population’s inner pains even after the merger and here in Nepal, we too have some Lendhup Dorges, media included, who prefer Nepal the similar fate as that of Sikkim for some mysterious reasons. Not very surprising then, the former NOIDA, Delhi dweller Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai too once had made similar verbal overtures as regards Nepal. He even had talked of merger and sub merger of Nepal into his preferred nation which is again much similar to what Lendhup Dorje have had tries in the mid-seventies.
Dr. Bhattarai is the disciple of declared Nepal hater SD Muni. Muni continues to spit venom against Nepal and China.
Nepal has fortunately survived as an independent nation braving several conspiracies hatched by Dr. Man Mohan Singh, PM Modi, the RAW men and various known and unknown Indian agencies who wish to eat Nepal like a cake. Our own energetic nationals have been helping the alien machinations.
India remains yet hopeful that a day will soon come when the entire sleeping Nepali population shall have the opportunity to say good morning from the Indian soil all of a sudden but with less surprise. The efforts definitely are in place that have gained momentum with the ascendance of KP Sharma Oli as Nepal Prime Minister who has tied his neck with the veteran Delhi dweller Comrade Prachanda which is, the unification of the UML and the Maoists, talked to have been made for a secret “purpose”. Delhi knows better the purpose of such unification.
So writes a veteran Nepal’s media man having a comfortable stint in Delhi who says that “an imported political change narrows the notion of nationalism and national interests.
According to the media man, the veteran journalist who himself is talked to be the agent of the “imported change” by a larger section of the Nepali society talked of nationalism and national interests in reference with the ongoing attack in the nation’s judiciary. He is now against the imported system. Very funny indeed.
Strikingly, the imported change as said by the veteran journalist, after the overthrow of the institution of the Nepali monarchy, the second target has been the Nepali Congress party which has almost been reduced to cipher at least for some time now, the third target is definitely the judiciary which is what is being attacked under this or that pretext.
In effect, the change was imported or exported by some interested quarters in order to kill some of the vital institutions of Nepali nation-state in series which would ultimately facilitate the inimical corners to gulp Nepal for good as per Indira Gandhi and RAW desired long time back.
Thanks that all the required steps for the annihilation of the nation-state Nepal is by now near-to-complete and thus if one fine morning Nepal collapses or vanished from the comity of nations then that would be not a big surprise at least for some observers who have had been watching the slow but steady decay of the nation, Nepal, since 2005-6, the period which facilitated this imported change to eat this nation like a moth by some of our own high flying nationals assisted by a flock of media men who believed in “scented alien envelope journalism”.
The first chapter has just been taught by a BJP functionary, a teacher exported to Kathmandu, to Nepali leaders media included and the topic was “Look South”. The class was timed to take place on July 31, 2018, as it is the most dreadful day which forced Nepal to sign the most infamous treaty with India. The treaty is still a handy tool for India to twist the Nepali arms.
Ram Madhav signaling a veiled threat to Nepal tentatively said that Nepal onwards must look towards South and develop some sort of allergy with the NORTH. If done so then the South shall fulfill all the Nepali requirements including perhaps the several economic blockades which may have been in the pipeline.
PM Oli’s mishandling of the State machineries and his inching closer to the Indian regime of late in a visible manner does tell so many things unspoken whose net impact would be upon the entire population of this country in many more ways than one including sudden imposition of the economic blockade if PM Oli begins looking Left or Right in the conduct of foreign policy.
PM Oli perhaps has no inkling that his inching closer with the Modi regime is distancing him with the Chinese establishment which may ultimately hit this nation sometime soon.
President Xi may cancel his likely Nepal visit.
Being closer to India is not a crime, however, what tantamount to a crime is when you begin cheating China and yet pretend that you were not that far from China. China is not that fool not to understand Oli’s trickery but as a civilized nation takes such a practice being exercised by Nepal as to have been under coercion from the usual Indian regime which is true to a greater extent.
As if this were not enough, PM Modi is all set to visit Nepal once again by the end of this month to “order and instruct” the leaders of the Bay of Bengal Initiative which would mean that the BIMSTEC conglomerate has to take steps as desired and dictated by the regional bully.
BIMSTEC is near to a bogus organization which has come into existence just to exclude Pakistan and nothing more than that. Exclude Pakistan scheme was first engineered by India and to some extent seconded by Nepali leaders’ too some time back.
The idea is to blunt the SAARC regional body as this regional organization has Pakistan as one of its founding members which India dislikes. And Pakistan knows this Indian structured policy to sideline Pakistan which has encouraged the latter to expand and strengthen its ties with the Central Asian countries instead of developing ties with the countries inside the SAARC which are the group of the countries tortured, humiliated and insulted by the regional Goliath.
Pakistan apparently too has made up its mind that it would be an act of wisdom if she concentrates its focus on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which is sure to benefit this country more than India has expected. The CPEC has begun yielding positive results and many unemployed Pak youths have been employed in various projects under the CPEC scheme.
Now with the change of guards in Pakistan, the CPEC is sure to take a grand upward trend with the ascendance to power of new Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Mr. Khan as Pakistan PM will have rough and tough time in assuring the global community that his country was not to what has been negatively presented by the Indian media and its perverted leaders who take sadistic pleasure from maligning others in the vicinity more so Pakistan. However, India forgets the fact that the world knows of its thuggery and of the coercive diplomacy that she acquires as and when some countries in South Asian region assert their Independent and sovereign identity.
This doesn’t mean that Pakistan should not take positive gestures in normalizing its inimical ties with the Indian regime. No! it should not be like that. Pakistan instead should initiate several steps at a time utilizing Khan’s own private constituency right inside India and tell the world population as to Pakistan in effect means business and prefers now to have a composite dialogue with India in order to sort out the overly stretched issue of Kashmir.
Imran Khan for this must take the Pak military in total confidence and the two institutions must move together which will then automatically be backed by the larger section of the society. If this happens then that would mean the credibility of the Khan’s regime has been rightly accepted by the common people of the country.
The world must know from the horses’ mouth that Pakistan is not a country that has been assisting any kind of terrorism as is being heavily publicized by the Indian media and its leaders. PM Khan would do well if he himself takes up the initiative and assured the world leaders not to trust the Indian canard in this regard.
Very recently the Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that Pakistan is determined to root out extremism and terrorism for which the youths of Pakistan have an important role to play. He said this while addressing a concluding ceremony of annual Internship Programme 2018 at Inter Services Public Relations in Rawalpindi on August 6, 2018.
Now the new Pak PM in waiting has to add strength to Army Chief’s voice which when combined will make a substantial endorsement in the eyes of the world population and leaders from the Pakistani establishment that ii has ever remained against the acts of extremism and terrorism both in letter and spirit. China too can assist Pakistan in this regard.
Having said this, the new Pakistan PM should expedite the mega projects under taken by the CPEC so that the shortage of power supply in Pakistan be met with soon. Since China is doing all that she can so all that Pakistan needs to do is to keep the project going and erase the negative propaganda being made on debt trap by some interested quarters.
Khan must look into the much publicized financial crunch that has gripped the CPEC projects.
Back to domestic affairs once again: The nation is all prepared to greet PM Modi again as stated earlier. He is the most unwanted guest in Nepal in that the people here feel that as and when this man from India lands in Kathmandu, his erratic diplomatic activities during his stay more often than not bring in a sort of communal divide in between the Nepali population who otherwise have lived in complete harmony with each other since centuries. Modi disturbs our harmony especially in Terai-Madhesh and thus he has no respect and honor in Nepal from the common people who have yet to forget the six month long economic blockade of the year 2015 which was imposed on Nepal just after a mega tremor hit the entire Nepal.
Modi though knows that Nepali people do not like him but yet he lands in Nepal and twists the arms of the incumbent government and compels Nepal government to obey to its dictates and listen to the disgusting non-ending sermons.
India is plagued with a host of acute issues that needs early solutions or else the issue may transform itself into a larger reason for a violent civil war in which the Indian Maoist’s so far have not exhibited their interests or else things would already have taken a nasty turn as is desired by the neighbors, Nepal included, much the same way the Indian rulers rejoiced when the Delhi based Nepal Maoists pounced upon their own country under the supervision of the Indian regime then controlled by the BJP’s AB Bajpayee first and then handed over to Dr. MM Singh, the dummy Prime Minister of India controlled by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.
Let’s now peep into the plight of Assam, India as to what an Assamese Bengali has to say on his present plight in his own words, “At the very beginning, a few important disclosures – I am a Bengali Assamese, an identity I wear with pride; and this is not a political commentary on the National Register of Citizens of Assam. I write this because the process of NRC, which has been of personal anguish to my family and many others, has been impersonalized and dehumanized at certain levels.
During every visit to my home in Guwahati in the last two years, the discussions within the Bengali community in Assam have been predominantly around the NRC. The fear of being “othered” and persecuted fueled these discussions. This is despite the fact that all the families I have been speaking to have valid documents that trace their roots much before March 24, 1971, as did my mother and I.
“When the first draft of the NRC was published last December 31, both our names were missing from the list. This was despite the fact that both my mother and I are Indian citizens by birth. The reason cited was that my father’s name was missing from the 1971 electoral roll, a year when he was posted in Manipur, working for a nationalized bank”, he continues to say.
He further says that for the first time, my legitimacy as a citizen of India was being doubted, and it unsettled me like I had never imagined. I realized that I wear my relationship with my country as an easy, loose but much loved garment; and that is how I believe it should be. It is there, it is evident, I love and respect its contours and boundaries, but it doesn’t constrict me or demand obeisance. But all of a sudden, I felt the possibility of being disfranchised and alienated in a country where being a citizen is my birthright.
The likely upheaval in Assam may once again flood Nepal if the Indian government pounces upon the Assamese nationals under the ruse of “foreigners”. The foreigners thus declared by the Indian regime will be truck loaded in Siliguri and exported deep inside the Nepali territory much the same way the Bhutanese nationals were made to enter Nepal in the early 90s, if one were to recall.
And PM Oli shall perhaps greet the foreigners for fear of being taken to task by PM Modi if denied the entry of the forced import with love from India.
And the Nepal’s vibrant media as usual shall remain tight lipped as it has taken the stance over the continued land encroachment of the Nepali landmass by the big brother in the “Look South”.
For this special breed of the Nepali media, India constitutes the world and beyond India the world doesn’t exist. Taxing their own nation but yet they are senior most journalists who tentatively even dismantle the government under the sponsored ruse.
The news that Prachanda was chosen as Chief Guest at a Nepal-India think tank seminar held in Kathmandu on 31 July last week bodes ill for Nepal. The fear is that what of Nepal if Chairman Prachanda begins feeling that he is still in NOIDA, Delhi under the special care of the Indian regime? The Nepali side did not select Prachanda as the chief guest but instead it were Delhi babus who seduced the former NOIDA dweller to allow the seminar to go the India desired way as the local chief guest. So this is dangerous. Take care. That’s all.
Telegraph adds for the road: As of Tuesday morning, reports have it that Imran Khan’s party said it has formed a majority in Pakistan’s parliament after coalition talks with smaller groups and independent lawmakers, paving the way for the former cricket star to take over as prime minister.
The report further adds that says, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, or Movement for Justice, has 174 members of the national assembly on its side so far, above the 172 needed for an absolute majority, Fawad Hussain Chaudhary, a PTI spokesman, said on Monday. The breakthrough came after Khan’s party held successful negotiations with groups such as the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan, Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Grand Democratic Alliance and independents after the PTI only won 116 seats during last month’s elections.
“We will be around 180 to 182 in the National Assembly ultimately,” Chaudhary told reporters in Islamabad.
In all, Imran Khan is the new PM of Pakistan. All that the South Asian, Nepal included obviously, population expect from the new PM of Pakistan that he will act like an equalizer to PM Modi and or even excel Modi in his diplomatic conducts. The region desires a new SA leader to dominate the political scene instead of the unstable gentleman from India. That’s all.

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