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Only five parties crossed the threshold margin in PR votes

By Our Reporter
The unofficial results of the votes of the proportional representation (PR) system for the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies show that there will be only five national parties in Nepal.
They are: The CPN-UML, NC, Maoist-Centre, Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal.
According to the vote counting that concluded on Sunday, parties like the Bibeksheel Sajha Party, both factions of the RPP and Dr Baburam Bhattarai-led Naya Shakti Party failed to become national party as they failed to cross the margin of 3 per cent threshold in the PR system.
The elections to the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies were held in two phases on November 26 and December7.
Although the Election Commission (EC) has said that it has completed the counting of the PR votes, it has not yet made public the results.
According to the website of the election body, the CPN-UML that has become the largest party under the first-past-the-post system by securing 80 federal seats in the federal parliament, has also come first in the PR vote count with 3,173,494 votes.
With this, the UML is formally set to become the largest party in the Federal Parliament with at least 121 seats in the 275-member House of Representatives. .
The Nepali Congress (NC) finished a close second under the PR vote count with 3,128,389 votes. However, the NC secured only 23 federal seats in the FPTP system. NC is likely to have 63 seats in the lower House.
Similarly, the CPN-Maoist Centre, which stood second in the FPTP system with 36 federal seats, has been placed in third position in the PR vote count with 1,303,721 votes.
The Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal (RJP-Nepal) and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal (FSF-Nepal) have obtained 472,254 and 470,201 votes respectively.
The RJP-Nepal has won 11 federal seats under the FPTP system while the FSF-Nepal won in 10 federal constituencies under the FPTP.
The Bibekshil Sajha Party, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (Prajatantrik), Naya Shakti Party Nepal and Rastriya Janmorcha have secured 212,366, 196,782, 88,377, 81,837 and 62,133 PR votes respectively and failed to become national party.
However, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Naya Shakti Party Nepal and Rastriya Janmorcha and Nepal Majadur Kisan Party will represent in the House of Representatives as all the parties have won one seat each under the FPTP system.
Final result election 2017:
House of Representatives (Direct Election):
1. UML: 80 seats (48.8%)
2. Maoist Center: 36 seats (21.82%)
3. NC: 23 seats (13.94%)
4. RJP-N: 11 seats (6.67%)
5. FSF: 10 seats (6.61%)
6. RPP: 1 seat
7. RJM: 1 seat
8. NMKP: 1 seat
9. Naya Shakti: 1 seat
10. Independent: 1 seat (Total 3.03% of those who have won one seat.
Proportional Election:
UML: 3173494 (33.25 %)
NC: 3128389 (32.77 %)
Maoist Center: 1303721 (13.66 %)
RJP-N: 472254 (4.95 %)
FSF: 470201 (4.93 %)
Bibeksheel Shaja: 212966 (2.23 %)
RPP: 196762 (2.06 %)
Naya Shakti: 81837 (0.86 %)
RPP (D): 88338 (0.93 %)
Janamorcha: 62133 (0.65 %)
Others: 355190 (3.72 %)
National Parties:
1. UML, 2. NC, 3. Maoist Center, 4. RJP-N, 5. FSF
(Other political parties contesting election have not been recognized as the National Party as they failed to cross threshold of 3 percent. The members of such non-recognized parties will have independent status in HoR.
Votes received by those parties who have been failed to cross the threshold will be shared by those parties recognized as national parties. Therefore, those failed party cannot add member of HoR for the party in HoR.)
Possible seats for the parties from Proportional Election:
UML: 41 (37 women; 4 men)
NC: 40 (21 women; 19 men)
Maoist: 17 (14 women, 3 men)
RJP-N: 6 (5 women, 1 men)
Forum: 6 (6 women)
Elected members from FPFT in Province Parliament:
No 1 Province:
1. UML: 36
2. Maoist: 10
3. NC: 8
4. FSF: 1
5. Independent: 1
Total: 56
No 2. Province:
FSF: 20
RJP-N: 15
UML: 14
NC: 8
Maoist: 6
Independent: 1
Total 64
Province No 3:
Maoist: 15
NC: 8
Independent: 1
Independent: 1
Total 66
Province No 4:
UML: 17
Maoist Center: 9
NC: 6
Independent: 4
Total: 36
Province No 5:
UML: 28
Maoist Center: 14
NC: 7
FSF: 3
Total 52
Province No 6:
UML: 14
Maoist Center: 9
Total 24
Province No 7:
UML 17
NC: 4
RJP-N: 1
Total 32

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