Tuesday , September 25 2018
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The same faces to rule the nation

By Our Reporter
National politics has been polarized as major parties have developed alliances.The UML and Maoist Center have forged a Left alliance, on the other hand, the democratic parties have developed Broader Democratic Alliance, however, the deal is yet to be finalized as Tarai based parties are claiming more seats.
A section of NC leaders are dissatisfied from Prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s leadership, as they allege Deuba for destroying the historical party. They express the view that the Left alliance will easily bag necessary majority with the mandate of forming majority government.
Whatsoever be the people’s mandate, the result will not be encouraging as the same old faces involved in rampant commission, corruption, nepotism, favoritism, sycophancy will come to power. Those who were reluctant in the country’s infrastructural development and working in the foreign interests by destroying national identity will also come to power.
The roadmap of these leaders is not to serve the nation and people but to earn money by exploiting the government coffers and buying votes during elections ensuring their victory. If one looks at the faces of the present day leaders who are going to become prime minister and ministers after the upcoming elections, they are not clean and honest. They all are involved in corruption and their files are pending in the CIAA. Not to forget, when the then CIAA chief LokmansinghKarki had tried to open the files of the big leaders, he had to face impeachment. What can the nation expect from such corrupt leaders who have no other maps except from earning money through commission and corruption?

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