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RJP-N and FSF alliance in the Indian interests

By Our Reporter
The Indian design was to isolate the UML, India’s strong critic at least for ten years from which UML would be finished. However, UML chairman KP Oli became successful to forge Left alliance with the long-term plan of unification of the two parties – UML and Maoist Center — and ruling the country for five years by keeping the democratic forces aloof from power.
It became a big surprise to the Indians who are involved in micro-management in Nepal. Indians are seriously worried from the political development of late in Nepal. According to sources, the Indians have calculated that the Left alliance can easily bag simple majority in the provincial and federal parliament elections and rule the country for five years.
Then after, Indians made efforts to develop democratic alliance among the six parties but the Indians wished to play a new strategy by developing alliance between RastriyaJanata Party Nepal led by Mahant Thakur and Federal Socialist Alliance led by UpendraYadav. Not to forget, the outstanding Indian design is to make a strong presence of the Tarai leaders in the central parliament. After the alliance between RJP-N and FSF, the Tarai leaders are bargaining for more seats for them with the Nepali Congress. The reality is that if the two Tarai based parties will contest elections jointly, they will be able to destroy NC’s vote bank in the Tarai districts. The two Tarai based parties have decided to share 50 percent seats by each party and form their own government in province No 2 and making strong presence in the central parliament with the capacity of holding the key of the ruling party.
NC in dilemma:
The Left alliance will sweep in the hill constituencies and when the two Tarai based parties developed an alliance in the Tarai districts, most of the NC candidates will be defeated in the core Tarai districts. Therefore, there was left no other options without developing alliance with the Tarai based parties for NC. The Tarai based parties in alliance are saying that the two parties plus NC could share 33 percent posts if NC will develop alliance, however, the NC leaders are unable to accept such a proposal put forward by the two Tarai based parties in alliance. In this regard, it is obvious that NC may fall into thirdposition in the upcoming elections.
If things will go as-it-is, the Left alliance will bag necessary majority ensuring formation of a Left government giving five years’ tenure to it. NC may remain in opposition and the Tarai parties will have prestigious presence with the capacity of strong bargaining power in the central parliament whereas the Tarai based parties will form their government in No 2 province.

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