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Former King’s remarks stir national politics

By Our Reporter

20140922former-king-shah-discharged-from-hospital-600x0Former King Gyanendra has again made news headlines due to his remarks he made on the day of Bhaitika, the last day of the Tihar festival.
After receiving tika from his sister Shobha at the latter’s residence, the former King told journalists that time was ripe for him to take the leadership if the people allowed him to take the responsibility. However, he said that he would take the leadership only if all the people wished so.
The former King’s remarks made when the processes to hold the elections to the federal and provincial parliaments have begun have sent a ripple in the political circle. However, no senior leader has responded to his remarks although low-ranked party leaders objected to them.
The former King also criticised the present leadership stating that they were responsible for the present mess in the country.
“As a responsible citizen, it is natural for me to express concerns and worries about the country. Now the time seemed to have come, I am ready to take the responsibility if the people want so. But all the people must desire (to accept my leadership),” the former King said.
He reiterated that people should express their desire for his leadership. However, he said that the circumstances in the country were seeking his leadership.
He expressed his worry about the deteriorating condition of the country. He accused the leadership of seeking scent in the paper flowers.
“The situation is such that where the leaderships do not understand the importance of the garlands of natural flowers, but they want to seek scent in the paper flowers,” he said. “It seems there is no leadership,” he added.
Obviously, the King was reminding the leaders of their act to abolish monarchy and declare Nepal a secular republic without holding referendum to seek people’s consent.
He further said that he was ready to take the leadership but the people should support him.
In his message, he clearly hinted that he was ready to take leadership but only in people’s consent.
He also said that he might be accused of trying to be active again. “It is not the time to be active or inactive, the circumstances in the country demand so,” he said.

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