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A big constitutional joke on executive power

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister SherBahadurDeuba has made the record of making the largest ever cabinet of 64 ministers in the history of this nation. But this is his compulsion. The constitution defines that a prime minister is the chief executive of the nation having excessive power. It is funny to note that such a powerful prime minister cannot dismiss his own ministers.
In the Prime Ministerial system, the prime minister will be the executive chief and the ministers’ job is to help the prime minister in conducting daily affairs. In the Nepali case, the prime minister is so weak that he even cannot dismiss any of his ministers.
When Maoist Center developed an election alliance with the main opposition party UML, morally too, the Maoist ministers cannot stay in the government. Furthermore, the Maoist ministers were looking after the key ministries including Home portfolio, which is directly attached with the security organs. Obviously, the Prime Minister cannot make success of the elections if there will be security lapses. Therefore, such important portfolios should be kept with the minister who is confidant to the Prime Minister.
The Maoist ministers were hanging on power by saying that they would quit the ministerial position only after they are assured of timely elections. So far, by using his prerogative, the PM has made all Maoist minister as the ministers without portfolio.
Such type of funny drama can be witnessed only in Nepali politics.

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