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When the person is the party

By Maila Baje Even by his own standard of piercing ripostes, Baburam Bhattarai’s tweet responding to the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) co-chairs’ invitation to join the organization was in a class of its own. Welcoming into the NCP a handful of functionaries disillusioned by Bhattarai’s decision to merge his Naya …

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Individuals with no guilty conscience

BY D. M. THAPA Just a few days back, there were reports that the Nepal Army had acquired more than six thousand sophisticated rifles from the USA. There may be two sides to this development, but still, it is good for the Nepal Army to also be well equipped, though …

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Insulted, infuriated and invigorated

By Maila Baje We don’t know what kind of healing Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba got in Singapore for the unspecified ‘stomach ailment’ that took him there a few weeks ago. But the former prime has undoubtedly come back with more fire in his belly. Of all the things …

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Nepali foreign policy

Is there any confusion on Nepali foreign policy since the nation has adopted a non-aligned foreign policy, considering the country’s geographical location like being a yam between two huge boulders, it cannot be said! Nepal’s outstanding foreign policy is guided by Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah. However, since the introduction …

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Nepali forests in food security

BY SUJAN KHANAL Nepal is a mountainous country where the people have traditionally had a high reliance on forests for timber, fuel wood and non-wood forest products such as mushrooms and edible wild greens. Forests have an increasing gratitude towards the contribution of food security for poor and marginalized people. …

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Foreign bullying tactics

BY D. M. THAPA It has almost become a routine affair to hear of violent conflicts and confrontations in many parts of the world. So it is nothing surprising when in Nepal, to hear of clashes between protesters and police, gold smuggling, Nepalis cheating other Nepalis in many sectors and …

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