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NC CWC meeting begins, next meeting on Friday

By Our Reporter

The Central Working Committee meeting of the Nepali Congress began on Sunday after hectic exercises from the rival factions led by Ram Chandra Paudel and Krishna Prasad Situal and the establishment.
The meeting scheduled at 2 pm on Sunday convened only at 7 pm in the evening due to differences between the factions over the agenda of the party’s 14th general convention.
The two factions led by Paudel and Sitaula wanted to include the agenda of the general convention in the meeting which the establishment denied in the beginning.
Obviously, party president Sher Bahadur Deuba wants to extend his tenure by at least one and a half years on the basis of the loopholes in the party statute and the Constitution because he knows well that his popularity has dwindled, mostly after the party’s humiliating defeat in the 2017 elections.
His normal terms end in March 2020, and in normal situation the general convention should be held by March next year. But Deuba wants to postpone the general convention citing absence of party structure in the new federal set up.
But Paudel, Sitaula as well as leader Dr Shekhar Koirala want that the general convention be held in March 2020.
When Paudel and Sitaula threatened to boycott the central committee meeting if the agenda of the 14th general convention was not included in the meeting, Deuba had no option but to accept the demand.
However, no discussion was held on the issue on Sunday and the meeting was postponed for Friday.
Probably, the meeting will prolong and the leaders will discuss the issue in the extended meeting. The agenda is sure to cut the wing of establishment forcing the leadership to be prepared for the convention in March.
And if the general convention is held in March, Deuba is not likely to win the elections due to his poor and controversial performance during his premiership in 2017-18.

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