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Chief Ministers in foreign junket without informing the diplomatic missions

By Our Reporter

Many people tend to mock Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for his light and joke-like expressions. He is also nicknamed by a few of his critics as ‘man of proverbs’ which is not false if we go by his public addresses.
Recently, he argued that the people in Kathmandu were wearing masks only to protest against the government.
A few days back, he had claimed that the capital city had become dust-free and there was no need to wear masks, but a few people loyal to the Nepali Congress were wearing mask to protest the government. He made these remarks without realising the problems faced by the denizens due to dust.
His such remarks were criticised in the media as well as in the social sites.
Similarly, the actions of the government look childish. It takes a decision today and withdraws the same the next day. The withdrawal of the decisions to test the pesticides in the imported Indian vegetables and to hold the International Indian Film Academy awards in Kathmandu are the two latest cases. Earlier, it withdrew the Guthi Act.
Now it has been clear that the government had decided to test the pesticides in a childish manner without making needed preparations. During a press meet on Monday, the Ministers and secretaries passed the buckets stating that the responsibilities fell on the shoulders of another ministry.
Industry Minister Matrika Yadav went to the extent of accusing the secretaries of making false briefing on the lab tests units required for the pesticide test.
Prime Minister KP Oli had to call an emergency meeting on Tuesday morning to discuss the same issue.
Obviously, the government withdrew the decision in the Indian pressure. Had it made extensive preparations for the immediate pesticide tests, the situation would have been averted. But the haste decision culminated in withdrawing the decision, which provided yet another platform for the critics to mock the government.

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