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ABC Television’s license expired, Shubhashankar Kandel above the law?

Kathmandu, 11 July: Some media houses are found running their media without following the country’s existing laws, without paying revenue to the government and even without renewing license.

Subhashankar Kandel, who was able to release his book from NCP co-chairmen KP Oli and Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda, in which, NCP leaders Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Ram Karki are being strongly condemned, Jana Aastha reports.

Kandel owned ABC Television. According to the record in the Information and Telecasting Department, has not renewed its equipments’ license for last two years. In accordance to the existing law, the television is due to conduct audit and clear tax. Likewise, it has not paid two percent of the total revenue as royalty to the government. Without completing all these process, license of the Television cannot be renewed.

The deadline to clear royalty is for one year. That date has already been expired. In result, the Television has already lost permission to run the channel.

As per the law, if the Television has done financial transition worth 20 million rupees, it has to pay 4 million rupees as royalty to the government. If failed to pay the said amount within six months, the Television has to pay double amount i.e. 8 million rupees as fine. In such a way, in four years, it has to pay 32 million rupees to the government. Without clearing the payable amount, in accordance to the existing law, nobody can get license to run television programme.

According to Ashok Chaudhari, officer at the Department, even though the Television has not paid revenue to the government, the Television is in operation without any hurdles.

On the one hand, the Television has failed the license renew process, on the other, the Television is enjoying US dollar exchange facility. The media house is taking dollar facility, although, where it is taking such foreign currency, for what transaction the foreign currency is being used, it is unknown. Until now, the media house has obtained facility worth 32 thousand eight hundred US dollars. The media house is trying to get such a facility for the fourth time.

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