Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Yanks go home

There was a movie made by the Americans, which was almost a propaganda film, called “The Russians are Coming” This was way back in the late Sixties when the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was at its height. I saw this movie and thought how brave the Americans were and how the Russians were virtual villains.
Now I have come to realize how the Americans were more deadly villains than the Russians ever were. The American government never thought of the thousands of their own people, who believed in the American propaganda and lived in fear that the Russians would attack them anytime. Many have even said how they could not sleep in the night peacefully and they had to take sleeping pills because of such fears during that time.
America won the Cold War without firing a shot by dismantling the Soviet Union and now they remain the only “Bully” of the world though they call themselves saviours of freedom, democracy and other rights of people all across the world. Yes, we all cannot forget the sacrifices made by American soldiers during many wars, including the First World War and the Second World War among others. But the American Government has overstepped the line as far as respecting the freedom of other smaller and poorer nations.
Can the various governments there explain what they did in Vietnam, what they did in Iraq, in Libya and so many other places where they have brought dismay rather than democracy?
Nepal was a peaceful and tranquil country till the Brahmins came to power. This is not a communal tirade against any person, but if you count heads, the Brahmins are heading all political parties, they hold almost all top position in the bureaucracy, in the police force and at other institutions. When a foreigner asked one such Brhmin why such a situation was created and why inclusion in this country with so many races was not implemented, the Brahmin smartly answered, “We are the most educated and most intelligent people of this country”. If such intelligent and educated people have led this country then why is it in such a mess for so long a time?
But if the Brahmins have destroyed Nepal through their ambitions and greed, the Americans have destroyed the entire globe through a similar thinking. How many people were killed when Saddam Hussein was there in power in Iraq? How many people are being killed there everyday now? Wasn’t Libya peaceful place for the people of that country? But that country’s President was murdered brutally and yet no one said anything, except the Western dominated media outlets which have false propaganda about his death, even saying he said “Don’t kill me”. Saddam Huseein of Iraq was hanged to death by a kangaroo court and sitting president of Panama Mauel Noriega was dragged from his office by US security forces and put in jail for many years till he died at the age of 83. There was no cry of any human rights violence or direct foreign intervention. Minnow American allies are now attacking Yemen, a free country, but again no protests or any news from the heroes of press freedom.
Now Nepal also has become a target just because it sits right under the “soft belly” of China, which is considered an enemy by America because of the economic growth that it has made and also its communist government. Once told that American military boots would never tread on Nepali soil, now a time has come when not only Nepali soldiers are trained by American Rangers, but there is also the talk of a “joint military exercise”.
Once an Israeli academician had said that countries like China and Japan among others could not be divided because they had only one race and they were like “onions” which could only be peeled but not divided. But countries like India and the United States, because of the divided communities there could be divided in the future. There is no doubt that India is more vulnerable as it has different states with different communities with different language and different customs. One thing that binds the Unites States is its language. But there also different communities have settled and made their own ground. America is no more a melting pot like said before. Indians could demand their own state Bangladeshis could demand their own state, Hispanics could demand for their own state and so on and so forth as many people from across the globe have settled there and they don’t consider themselves as red neck Americans.
Shootings are taking place where young students are being killed, families have been butchered. Islamists are attacking sensitive spots within America and also abroad, so it is time for the Yanks to look after their own problems first, before meddling in other countries and making more enemies. So go home Yanks before meddling in other lands.

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