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Will the constitution also be amended in a dramatic way?

By Our Reporter
Although the ruling parties succeeded to table the constitution amendment bill amidst the opposition from the CPN-UML and other opposition parties in a dramatic way, the fate of the bill still seems uncertain.
The CPN-UML and eight other opposition parties had agreed to allow the government to table bills relating to election, but the government played a trick in support of Speaker Onsari Gharti and managed to make the amendment bill an agenda of meeting Sunday. Minister Ajay Shankar Nayak tabled both the bill.
The UML leaders termed the tabulation of the bill as a shameful act.
“It was a shameful incident as the Speaker acted violating the parliamentary practice,” UML vice chairman Bam Dev Gautam said.
The opposition parties had disrupted the House meeting for 38 days opposing the amendment bill registered in the parliament.
Earlier, the Supreme Court had refused to issue an stay order stating that the amending the constitution falls on the jurisdiction of the parliament.
After the SC order, the UML was under pressure to end the obstruction in the House. However, UML leaders interpreted the order in their favour claiming that the order clearly stated that the parliament cannot change the border of the provinces when there is no provincial parliament. Even the leaders of the Madhes-based parties demanded to amend the Article 274 that does not allow making any change in the boundary of the provinces prior to the creation of provincial parliament.
A meeting of the CPN-UML had also decided to continue the obstruction in House even after the SC verdict. But things went otherwise Sunday and the amendment bill made its way to meeting.
Many suspected the role of CPN-UML chair K P Oli for letting the amendment proposal enter as the agenda of meeting. Even the UML leaders were suspicious about the motives of chairman Oli for the dramatic tabulation of the amendment bill in the parliament.
The Sanghu Weekly, which is close to the UML, reported in its latest issue that a mysterious meeting between Oli and NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba at the former’s Balkot residence on 26 December had paved the way for the latest development.
Still Oli and other UML leaders have been claiming that they would fail the bill. Oli on Monday said in Biratnagar that there was no chance for the bill to be endorsed.
Even the ruling RPP has opposed the bill while some lawmakers from the Maoist Centre and Nepali Congress are also against the bill, especially the provision relating to the change in the boundary of Province No. 5. Probability of floor crossing by the lawmakers of the ruling parties has been a headache for NC president Deuba and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal.
If the RPP was genuinely opposing the bill not taking it as a bargaining tool, the bill is sure to fail. But if RPP, as a ruling party, stands for the bill, there is a high chance the bill will be endorsed.

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