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Will Khasha pass be resumed?

By Our Reporter
hqdefaultThe Chinese side is seeking the government’s commitment against use of Nepali soil by the anti-Chinese activists. According to a source in the Home Ministry, the Chinese side has expressed concern over the use of Tatopani route by the free-Tibet activists. Not to forget, in 2008, China witnessed violent Tibet unrest and the Chinese side has reached to the conclusion that explosives and sophisticated arms were carried by the free-Tibet activists via the land route from Nepal.
Later, immediately after the devastating earthquake in 2015, the Chinese PLAs were deployed for rescue operation in the quake hit areas in Tatopani and Barabhishe. When they discovered free-Tibet related documents from the quake demolished houses in the bordering villages, the Khasha pass was closed, different sources have confirmed. The authorities in Tibet haveshifted the entire settlement ofKhasha to Nyalam, 35 kms far from the Nepal-China border pass.
Recently, a Chinese delegation led by chairman of the People’s Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region of China visited Nepal. During the visit also, the Chairman had given some gesture that China is planning to open the Khasha trade route soon. However, he didn’t confirm the exact date of resuming the Khasha trade route.
China has given priority to the Kerung route after closure of the Khasha route.
Last week, at a joint meeting between the officers of the Nyalam County and Sindhupalchowk District held in Chautara, officials from both the sides had discussed on reopening of the Khasha trade route, however, the Chinese officers informed that even if the route is resumed, there is no possibility to keep the government offices in Khasha.
Be that is may, observers believe, the future of the Khasha trade route is based on Nepal’s commitment in curbing the free-Tibet activities that is taking place in Nepali soil. If Nepal wishes to promote Khasha trade route and other proposed routes with China, Nepal has to understand China’s security sensitiveness and act accordingly, observers say.

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