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Will constitution be amended?

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal inducted two ministers from small parties with a hope that they would support to endorse the constitution amendment bill tabled in the parliament. Prem Badaur Singh of Samajwadi Party Nepal and Kumar Khadka of Akhanda Party Nepal were appointed new ministers.
However, the two parties have only three members in total in the 594-member parliament. Moreover, Minister Khadka represents the group that strongly opposes federalism.  Even after his appointment, he said that he would not support the constitution amendment bill.
Both ministers are portrayed to have weak morals and they have become ministers threatening PM Dahal  that they will join the camp of the UML if they are not appointed ministers.
Even after induction of the two members in his cabinet, there is a slim chance of endorsing the amendment bill. Instead, some NC leaders have started floating an idea to hold the amendment bill and go for the polls.
The amendment bills will be endorsed only if 396 members vote in favour it while the CPN-UML and other opposition parties have 200 votes in the 594-member parliament. Three lawmakers from the ruling NC and one from the Maoist Centre have stood against the bill. Narahari Acharya of NC may not be able to participate in the voting as he has been unwell since long.  Moreover, the ruling RPP is also against the amendment bill. As such, the amendment bill may not be endorsed no matter how many times Dahal expands his cabinet.
Indeed, the tabulation of the bill and the efforts being made by the NC and MC leaders to endorse the bills show how our leaders are ready to go against the public sentiments to please their foreign masters.
The people who suffered unnecessary pains due to the blockade last year are against the amendment bill. Even the leaders and cadres of the ruling parties are protesting it. Still Sher Bahadur Deuba and Dahal are pushing the anti-national bill ahead.
“The activities of Dahal and Deuba will be punished by people in elections,” a TU professor associated with NC told this weekly in the condition of anonymity.

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