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White Wash

Much less than a decade after the restoration of the 1990 multi-party system in the country an American ambassador who oversaw the change here expressed her dissatisfaction at the course of things in a political science journal with the comment that only one of the total number of cabinet ministers had been to (or studied) in her country. With the spate of ‘experts’ that have since taken charge of the state of our nation and the little hint of betterment since, one is perhaps excused the blame from the growing assertion that it was the monopoly of the educated that have perhaps reduced the country to shambles. If nothing, the Nepali case abounds where political recruits in campuses tended to predominate the countryside and influenced the grass-roots votes and politics to claim representation at the center. It is from this pool of the educated that stalwarts have emerged in the right and the left to take charge of what was erstwhile conceived as traditional preserve in decision making. Again, as if this pool of indigenous knowledgeable were not enough, we cannot but conclude that our extra-national experts on Nepal who are now generally acknowledged to have micro managed the country are what they claim, experts, that provide the cure all for Nepali problems. Sadly the problems mount.
A Pol Pot-type Cambodian abhorrence to Western education was somehow averted in the Maoist safe landing where remnants of their indoctrinated still refer to the ‘bourgeois’ education being discouraged by a leadership who had inculcated a people’s (janabadi) education suitable for their indoctrination which, as now they are aware, left them severely handicapped educationally. Perhaps our Maoist leaders were encouraged to advocate such populist education based on the experience of indoctrination to their ideology in course of their education. This brings us to the fact that those educated in the country were facilitated politically no doubt but their grasp of development and national issue left them wanting because of this early indoctrination. This brings us again to the core issue, how do we make the corrections here and who makes it? It is futile to conceive of the fact that our politicians who, after so much of sacrifice and investments, have finally gained their monopoly of the country will forsake their advantage of today to make the corrections. This will have to mean that their ideological foundations were warped at best. At least there was the ‘Gang if Four’ in China on whom to dump the woes of Chairman Mao’s precipitous policies. In the south, the BJP’s rise is putting Nehruvian socialism under unprecedented scrutiny to the stark discomfort of the inheritors of the Nehru legacy. In the Nepali case, the monopoly of the campus indoctrinated is hand in glove distributing the spoils of state to the pools they have created as clusters of the so-called educated- the bureaucracy, the academia, the media and of course their educated cadre as also the NGOs. This is neither here nor there. Front page adverts extolling the prime minister mere show this desperation of regression.

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