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Where is the fertilizer?

The month of June is known as the month for harvest (rice) cultivation. Along with the start of the Monsoon in the country, farmers become busy in rice plantation. Fertilizers are important for a better harvest. The government has assigned a minister and government officials with a separate ministry for agriculture development. The prime responsibility of this ministry will be to resolve the problems related to the agriculture sector and scientific development of this sector.
Nepali farmers are facing different problems including irrigation facility, shortage of fertilizers and mainly they are unable to compete with the Indian products as the Indian government is providing many facilities to the farmers. The duty of the agricultural ministry is to empower Nepali farmers by providing subsidies and facilities, even though, Nepali farmers have not made serious complaints against the government. Every year, during the harvest cultivation season, the farmers have to face scarcity of fertilizer. The government has taken the responsibility to supply fertilizer by importing it from foreign countries. This is the problem faced by the farmers every year. Presently, there is a stable government and the agriculture minister is also the same. When he was unable to supply enough fertilizers in the market last year, he could have done better homework for this year to make smooth supply of fertilizers. However, on the eve of the monsoon season, the government has decided to bring fertilizer from India under the government to government agreement. If the agreement was done at months ago, already we would have received fertilizers but the delayed deal will create shortage of fertilizer in the market this year also.
This is the fate of an agricultural country.

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