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Where is Gagan Thapa now?

We all know, Gagan Thapa is a political leader groomed by south’s intelligence. During the earthquake, trucks carrying relief materials were arrived here from India for Gagan Thapa. As per the instruction or recommendation of Gagan Thapa, the relief materials were distributed in the earthquake hit areas. All these have done to give new height to Thapa. Thapa is asked by his foreign bosses to laude populist things to give his image and personality a new height.
When a proposal was put forward at the cabinet meeting to provide financial support to former prime minister Tulsi Giri for his medical treatment, Gagan Thapa strongly opposed questioning that who was Giri. For him, every commoner is VVIP, he pleaded and stopped the financial support to allying Giri, who is undergoing treatment in Bangalore, India. Menawhile, the government has decided to spend tens of million rupees for the treatment of former president Rambaran Yadav in the US. Where was Gagan Thapa disappeared when the government took this decision?

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