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Where is 33 Kg gold? Who is the main smuggler?

By Our Reporter
Despite arresting several senior police officers and others for their alleged involvement in the smuggling of 33 kg gold in February this year, it is still not known about the whereabouts of the gold.
The smuggling case was revealed only after Sanam Shakay, one of the gold carriers, was killed, apparently in the support of the police officers involved in the smuggling in Morang.
Over the weeks the government-formed committee has found involvement of several police officers in the case and many of them have been arrested. Cases have been registered against 63 individuals in Morang. Still, the gold has not been found.
The involvement of top police officers, including those deployed at the Tribhuvan International Airport has raised question whether the smuggling was flourishing in the political protection. Otherwise, the police officers should not have dared to allow the smugglers run their business  that way.

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