Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Machhapuchre Bank

What’s the Fuss?

It’s as if Nepali society is only now aware of the fact that Nepal has shrunk to a donor driven state where even religious organizations and INGOs can drive parliament and government into backing their programs internationally. Much ado about the Nepal government and its connections with Moonies at the latter backed Asia Pacific peace conference voiced in the streets will be taken and projected by government as manifesting democracy and democratic opposition at work. There is this criticism government disrupted the streets for this purpose which only goes to show our ignorance of civil needs of traffic management and security at times of need. But the haste with which government chose to reverse the decision amidst opposition merely goes to undermine its homework abilities perhaps at cost to national authority in the long run. Perhaps Prime Minister Oli’s decision to put himself up at a hotel to facilitate access to the participants is best left to him. However, it does reflect the priority with which his government handled the whole conference as such since it does mean that he did give preferential treatment of access to his guests. After all, despite the denials, both the government of Nepal and the Nepali legislature were undeniable promoters of the INGO meet. There is also the crack at the guest list that made it possible for the meet to be billed as a high level international one. That in the process of denigrating the meet as such we should now cast aspersions on them should leave a sour taste in our mouths. Indeed, we opposing the gathering actually did in the process cast aspersions at personalities that were invited here by the Nepali government and perhaps the opposition has drowned the honor and proven expensive for government.
K. P. Oli must be sick if he, as a longtime politician also familiar with foreign policy will have not gauged the harm he has done to his country, government and the party. The fact is that, sick or not, he found the Moonies temptation enough. This cult and its representatives in Nepal were known to have wined, dined, funded jaunts, and even put their men through the rigmarole of the vote to the Nepali legislature with even a political party to show and, of course, cabinet posts. For a partisan intensive system that is above the constitution, this seemed enough. After all, Oli may have helped host the gathering but the fact that there were and have been many others across the political spectrum in Nepal who can be billed as beneficiaries should never have been lost on, at least, the media and the intelligentsia. If anything, the government was grand-standing an event that will not be lost to the international community. What will have impressed is the fact that our government has shrunk both in international reach and effect to fall victim to such grandstanding. Ours is where politics has belittled itself to a group of takers regardless of national worth. It is remarkable that the media and the intelligentsia is behaving as if the meet was an aberration. The fact is that this aberration permeates throughout the Nepali political spectrum. The Moonies have money, they will travel in this country and the Asia Pacific meet is merely a glimpse. The ruling party ideologically committed to the maxim that religion is an opiate has sponsored a religious program. The government and parliament which brought into force a secular constitution has involved itself actively in cultism. Nothing strange, this. This constitution places the politician above itself. Anything goes.

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