Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Vehicles from development fund

To what extent our people’s representatives are fond of new vehicles, that could be seen from purchase of vehicles either by the federal parliament/government or by the provincial parliament/government and by local bodies as well!
The Federal Parliament has decided to purchase 11 more vehicles from the development expenditure provided by the government. The government had provided additional 65 million for the development expenditure for the parliament.
The vehicles will be provided to the chairmen of the parliamentary committees. Just one month ago, the federal parliament had procured 5 vehicles. Presently, 92 vehicles belong to the federal parliament. The 92 vehicles can be operated after maintenance but the people’s representatives wish to ride brand new vehicles and also the concerned officials will get an attractive amount of money as commission while procuring new vehicles, which is not possible by maintaining old vehicles.
Of course, this could be the path for prosperous Nepal!

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