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UML says no to constitution amendment

By Our Reporter
a-110Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal and NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba are still hopeful that the constitution can be amended.
Earlier, when Deuba and Dahal had forged an alliance under the initiative of the Indians to form the present government by toppling down the government led by KP Sharma Oli, they had given strong words to amend the constitution to their Indian bosses. Still, even after the declaration of the local election date and even after the implementation of the election code of conduct by the Election Commission, Deuba and Dahal are making all possible efforts to amend the constitution.
In the process of managing the necessary number, as claimed by Dahal and Deuba, the government has expanded the cabinet by including RPP chairman Kamal Thapa as DPM and Federal Affairs and Local Development minister, chief whip DilnathGiri as Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and ParshuramTamang as state minister. Likewise, Dahal is planning to include the party led by BijayaGachhadar with the hope of bagging support for the constitution amendment proposal.
However, newly assigned DPM Thapa said that in as-it-is situation, his party is not going to vote in favour of the constitution amendment. Thapa said, if the constitution is tabled for amendment, his party will quit the government and vote against the amendment.
Meanwhile, a Baluatar source said that PM Dahal and Deuba are of the view that even by amending some points in the amendment bill, the constitution should be amended. The source said that for doing so, Deuba and Dahal are trying to find a common point so that RPP and Gachhadar led party will also vote for the amendment of the constitution.
However, the equation of the present Parliament is that even if RPP and BjayaGachhadar led parties will vote for the amendment, still, there will be a shortage of 10 votes. Deuba and Dahal are hopeful that these votes can also be managed by influencing MPs of the small parties having one or two seats.
Thapa says no to amendment:
RPP chair and DPM, addressing a function organised to mark the first anniversary of the Media Nepal, an organization of independent nationalist journalist on Tuesday, said that RPP has not changed its previous stance. His party was already in the government and after the request from PM Dahal and NC president Deuba, he along with two other leaders have joined the government with one point agenda of holding the 14 May local elections.
RPP didn’t join the government to amend the constitution, Thapa clarified.

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