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UML performs flexibility

By Our Reporter
cpn-uml-party-officeFollowing Monday’s Court verdict, UML has decided for allowing the Parliament to run by respecting the Court decision. By knowing the UML gesture, the Speaker has called the House for Sunday, 8 January. UML, however, has urged the government to suspend the constitution amendment bill by respecting the aspiration of the SC verdict, nevertheless, the government has decided to table the constitution amendment bill.
Even if the government will table the constitution amendment bill, UML will allow it but will try to fail the bill through the voting, according to the UML source. UML is predicting that the present parliament cannot change the boundaries of the provinces, therefore, the clause of changing the boundary of the province should be scrapped from the constitution amendment bill registered in the Parliament.  The UML leaders believe that if tried to change the province boundaries through the amendment of the constitution, it will be unconstitutional and also against the SC verdict.
On the other hand, the Madheshi Front, which was opposing the present constitution amendment bill, has decided to vote for amendment of the constitution. The Madheshi leaders are claiming that the constitution will be amended with two-thirds majority. The Madheshi leaders’ bottom-line is excluding hill districts from the No 5 province. If this agenda will not be accepted by the parliament, the Madheshi leaders have warned to launch bloody agitation.
Meanwhile, NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba is claiming that the present amendment bill will be endorsed from the parliament with overwhelming majority. Deuba has claimed that he has the formula to bring the UML in favour of the constitution amendment bill.

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