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Trump Trumping

It is good to have Donald Trump around as president of the United States of America. At least he calls a spade a spade as he sees it. So now us supposedly fledgling democracies are made aware that the American electoral system can be influenced by the Chinese and the Russians. His response to NATO in Europe can at least prompt his French counterpart to call for an European army independent of both the U.S. and Russia. This, in turn, can leave the Russians questioning why an European army is needed when it is not the Russians but instead NATO that advanced towards Russia after the Cold War. This must leave the Chinese fuddled over how a distant Western Europe can be threatened by China even when Trump does not see an European role in the Pacific pivot. Strange as all these may sound to conventional foreign policy thinking the domestic component becomes somewhat stark.
Yes, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi must also be musing over which foreign power is doing what in his country to influence elections there. Trump has been somewhat resilient here when it comes to sanctioning those who ignore his sanctions. India for the moment can by Iranian oil with the promise of diminishing the imports in the future. But nothing is said about India breaking Trump’s embargo on Russian trade. For the moment there is no trumpeting U.S. ire on the muti-billion dollar Russian arms deal. Even the mild rebuke indicated in Trump turning down the Indian invitation to chief guest their January 26th republic day parade would seem one U.S. acknowledgement that India remains among the peripheral and no amongst the high rolling players in Trump’s priorities. However, with the focus on so much foreign policy dabbling in domestic election policy, analysts will surely begin putting two and two together in musing over which foreign power will dabble how in the crucial Indian election mid-2019.
For Nepal where analysts at home now sit comfortably on what they think is the cockpit of conflicting foreign policy rivals, the revelation that so much international dabbling takes place in elections is hold hat. When so much has been conceded to happen in much stronger democracies, that so much happens in not only elections but day to day government functioning is what our analysts have been saying all along. That democracy allows the public to pursue their unlimited wants through the exercise of unhindered human rights is what has been told us by the very forces that have used democracy and human rights conveniently to exercise their will over a large chunk of the world. Yes. Trump’s arrival in the global scene has been highly educative for us in non-descript corners of the world as it should, since after all, the rest of the world and, indeed, the United States itself is learning.

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