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The Panchayat path

By PR Pradhan
The Panchyat System, which had adopted the ideology of class coordination and mixed economy, after its demise for about three decades, has now been proved that it was the best political system for Nepal. Since adoption of the multiparty democracy in 1990, the country witnessed continuous decline of the nation in all fronts. The Maoist insurgency was the byproduct of the multiparty democracy. UML and Maoist Center, arch-rivals during the armed insurgency era in the country, are now talking about unification and currently they are sharing power in the government. Many UML leaders and workers were killed by the Maoists. Enmity between the UML and Maoist leaders was inclined to that point that one could not think about current friendship among the leaders of the two parties. After all, the Maoist insurgency and killing of above 17 thousand people were just for power!From Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to Maoist Center supremo Pushpakamal Dahal and Naya Shakti Party chief Baburam Bhattarai are now talking about economic prosperity. Who had stopped them to act for economic prosperity when they were destroying economic bases while fighting against the panchayat system? Of course, Nepal was a peaceful country and compared to the present day economy, the economy of the nation during the panchayat days was far better as it was taking a proper course towards a prosperous economy.
In the name of people’s empowerment, empowerment of the indigenous ethnic communities, total autonomy to the communities and overall change of the political system by establishing people’s proletariat, bloody “people’s war” was launched. The Maoists had targeted and destroyed infrastructures, which have contributed to keep Nepal still a less developed nation. When Bhattarai was visiting an Asian country recently, he twitted explaining about development of that country and urged the Nepali people for rapid development of the nation. Why he was unable to think about development rather than launching bloody war three decades ago, it is a question. This very question goes to Dahal also, who is talking about political stability and economic prosperity. Whether the Kings were against political stability and economic prosperity? Of course not! Whether the present constitution is going to bring political stability by declaring Nepal a secular federal republic keeping aside majority of people’s aspirations? Sure, the political leaders were used by some western countries and the European Union and they have become successful in fulfilling their mission. Perhaps, they are going to support the present government as they want to institutionalize secularism and federalism which will help them to campaign Christianity in Nepal! The fact is that this constitution will never help to bring political stability in the country.
PM Oli is also talking about political stability and economic prosperity. Without good governance and rule of law, it is impossible. Intellectuals believe that the country is under the grip of Mafias and commission agents. Can Oli get victory on the fight against the Mafias? Oli has secured 75.63 percent vote in the parliament on the trust motion. Is Oli strong now? It seems, it is not a long lasting strength as different vested interested political parties, which are being mobilized by different foreign power centers, are not going to stay together with Oli for a long.
People’s aspirations are very high with the Oli led government but the bureaucracy is not under the grip of the government. Civil servicemen are divided into different political parties and they have been empowered by their respective unions which have been formally recognized by the government. Similarly, there is the rule of different labour unions in the government undertakings and also in private sector industries. Political parties such as NC, UML and Maoist Center are solely responsible for making them party workers rather than keeping them as civil servicemen and laburors.
Without destroying these abnormalities Oli cannot become successful. In conclusion, to make successful his tenure, PM Oli has to give a glance on the governance procedures introduced by the then panchayat system. First of all, PM Oli has to dump the garbage created by the multi-party and loktantra functionaries.

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