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The government seems very weak

Two-thirds majority government continues to face strong criticism

By Our Reporter
The strong government led by Prime Minister K. P. Sharma has been facing criticism not only from the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, but also from within the ruling Communist Party of Nepal. The media, civil society, business community and public in general have also been criticising the government for one reason or another.
When the arrests of journalists in the name of violating the civil code have irked the media the rampant tax levied by the local governments has angered the people and the business community. Likewise, the government’s failure to dismiss the corrupt officials appointed by the former government in different government corporations, boards and councils have disappointed the employees working in such organisations as well as the cadres of the CPN. Corruption and mismanagement have been common in many corporations and offices. But the powerful government of a two-thirds majority has been unable to relieve the corrupt officials. Although the government decided to annul all appointments made by the previous government after the conclusion of the elections, the Supreme Court reinstated all of them.
When the bad governance has become a rule of law in government offices, the contractors have openly challenged the government by deliberately dillydallying in completing the development projects. Likewise, the transport entrepreneurs have got united to revive the syndicate system by putting one precondition after another in the eve of Dashain festival.
Moreover, due to the growing cases of rape and murder and the suspicious activities of the police in some of the rape and murder cases the government has further drawn criticism from all quarters of life. The case of Nirmala Panta who was raped and killed in Kanchanpur on July 26 has now emerged as the biggest headache for the government. The main opposition party as well as the people in general has been angry with the government for failing to give justice to the victim. Although the government has formed one commission after another to investigate into the case, the guilty is yet to be booked.
People believed that the police was giving protection to the guilty and the police had their role in destroying the evidences of the rape and murder case. Even Prime Minister Oli was dragged into controversy for his remarks in favour of the two Bam sisters from whose home Nirmala had gone missing.
Within the ruling CPN, many leaders have become unhappy with the performance of the government. When Narayankaji Shrestha had been unhappy with the leadership for the wrong-handling of Dr. Govinda KC’s case by the PM, senior CPN leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has also been unhappy with PM over the formation of the party committee. Likewise, CPN leaders like Jhalanath Khanal, Ghanashayam Bhusal and Amrit Bohora have openly criticised the government as well as party leadership.
Fed up with the growing criticism from all quarters, the PM recently urged the party cadres to respond to the criticism of the opposition party and others as hornets respond to their enemies. But his remarks became new masala to further criticise the government. Not only the NC leaders but also the CPN leaders disliked his remarks. CPN leader Bhusal told a daily that the government and the party have left no space to defend the government.
Obviously, non-performance of the government has been responsible for falling popularity of the strong government. In seven months after its formation, the government has not done any work that pleases the public. Instead, the government irritated public by taking a few wrong decisions and making moves which do not match the public aspirations.

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