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Sri Lanka mourns bomb attacks: Lessons to learn by Nepal

By Our Reporter
Sunday’s terrorist act in Sri Lanka killing around 300 people and about 500 people wounded is really a very sad and heinous crime.
We stand together with the Sri Lankan people at this moment of great sorrow.
Nepal and Sri Lanka are the South Asian countries and both the countries are passing through serious threats of terrorism.
For decades, Sri Lanka witnessed the India sponsored LTTE terrorism and Nepal also experienced a decade of bloody “people’s war”. Who had sponsored the “people’s war” group in Nepal that is clear for all to see!
All small South Asian countries having enough potential of natural resources and prospects of economic development are under serious threat of terrorism.
Talking about Nepal, by keeping its borders open with India, it has not become a safe place. Furthermore, recent developments in the country may invite a worse situation in Nepal. Therefore, the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka should be taken as a warning for Nepal also.

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