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Some incapable leaders become mad from former King’s statement

By Our Reporter
Incapable political leaders have become mad from former king Gyanendra’s statement last week. The statement became the issue of debate in the cabinet meeting next day. NC leader and DPM and home minister BimalendraNidhi, in reaction to the former King’s statement, had remarked that the government should reopen the Narayanhitty Palace massacre. It is funny to note that the senior minister has tried to link the statement with the Palace massacre. For last 16 years, the political parties remained silent even when people were demanding investigation on the Palace massacre. As many believe, there were hands of Indian and Western intelligence on the Palace bloodbath, the previous probe commission concluded the probe without investigating on the next part– that was possible foreign conspiracy. No doubt, the then Crown Prince had opened fire but he might have been provoked by some foreign elements.
Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal, who has become failure in implementation of the constitution, is seriously worried from the former king’s remarks. Speaking at a press conference the other day in Dang, Dahal said that the former King has attempted to fish in muddy water. “It would be better if he will remain silent, otherwise, he will be troubled,” Dahal said.
Accordingly, Baburam Bhattarai, twitting a status in Twitter, has advised the former King to remain quite.
Surprising to note, in reaction, commoners have criticized the political leaders who have expressed concerns on the former King’s remarks. They have alleged the political leaders as becoming traitors and commended the former King for his statement describing the present political scenario.
The commoners have taken the former King’s statement as an alarm to the political leaders who have invited rampant foreign interference creating threat to the nation.
Meanwhile, NC leader KulBahadur Gurung has criticized the political leaders including Bimilendra Nidhi that he has no authority to speak against the former King as the former king also holds the right of a citizen to enjoy the right to express.
Talking to the Annapurna Post vernacular daily, Gurung said that the former King is an honourable citizen, therefore, he can think and speak about the situation in the country.
Another NC leader Laxaman Ghimire said that when all can speak about the country, why the former King cannot speak the same!
Ghimire said that if the political leaders have the courage, they should be able to give proper reply to the issues raised by the former King.
Another NC leader Gyanendra Karki has suggested to Minister Nidhi for becoming responsible and not becoming prejudiced against the remakes made by any others.  He said that the former King has the right to express his remarks.

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