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Sital Niwas to be expanded

Kathmandu, 17 November: The government has decided to expand Sital Niwas, President’s office, by acquiring the land owned by the Police Training Academy.

Reasons given by the government is that as general public is facing traffic jam during the movement of the President, the government has decided to occupy the Nepal Police’s training academy to construct a sophisticated helipad for the President’s use.

Accordingly, officials at the President’s office have said that the President was always disturbed from sounds of explosives and noise coming from the Police Training Academy.

The government has decided to shift the training academy to Panauti in Kavre, which has been opposed by all the former chiefs and former senior officials in the Nepal Police.

“Why an inactive body needed the land of an active organization,” a former Nepal Police IGP has questioned.

Accordingly, former chiefs have remarked that the government move is to end glorious history of the Nepal Police.

In social networks also, general public have expressed strong comments against the government decision.

Similarly, the government has decided to provide Social Welfare Council’s office to the vice president’s office.

Staffers at the Council have been agitated from the government decision.

The Council had owned the land and office constructed office building from the money raised through donation from general public.

The government, instead of providing good service to the general public, is intended to provide more facilities to the President and VP.

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