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Pushpakamal Dahal’s two visits

By Our Reporter
After his return from Delhi, CPN co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal described the hospitality offered by the Indian leaders to him during his stay in Delhi as very good. Inviting his close media persons, Dahal described that Indians threw a lavish welcome to him. Indeed, the Indian leaders had treated him as the prime minister in waiting.
However, critics say that Dahal spent most of the time with the Indian intelligence officials rather than the political leaders.
Immediately after his Delhi sojourn, Dahal went to China. He had expected similar treatment from the Chinese leaders as he has visited China many times and every time, he had enjoyed high-category treatment from the Chinese hosts and every time, he had the opportunity to meet with Chinese President Xi. However, this time, he returned home with a sour experience.
Before, his departure, his secretariat had informed that Dahal was spending one weak in China and he was to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping also. Dahal returned in four days even not going to Beijing.
According to Sanghu vernacular weekly, the Chinese authorities have felt that Dahal is an Indian confidant. Dahal had received invitation from the Communist Party of China much earlier and he was preparing to visit China earlier. In the meantime, Dahal received invitation from India and Dahal postponed the already fixed visit schedule to China and went to India first. This is the reason that the Chinese authorities were unable to make the visit a high-profile one. Dahal had made hard efforts to arrange his meeting with President Xi and Premier Li Keqiang. Unfortunately, Dahal was unable to meet both the leaders, however, he was able to meet Chinese Vice President, but that too in a group, according to Sanghu weekly.

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