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Process to make Nepal Fiji

By Our Reporter
The lawmakers are finalizing the draft of the citizenship amendment bill. Under the influence of the westerners and Indians, the Parliament is preparing the new citizenship law under which those got birth before 23 January, 2009 from those who have obtained Nepali citizenship, will get citizenship by descent. Also, the Parliament is all set to provide citizenship to those people whose father is yet to be identified.
Those foreigners who have obtained naturalized Nepali citizenship, will be allowed to become President, PM and heads of constitutional bodies.
These provisions for obtaining citizenship will reward those Indians who have married to Nepali wife and also the Indian wife married to Nepali boy.
The draft of the bill is aimed at providing Nepali citizenship to the Indians and bringing Nepali population into minority by the migrated Indian citizens alike in Fiji, where, the dominating population is Indian and locals are in minority.
This is a long-term plan of the Indians to finish Nepali sovereignty, independence and identity and ruling Nepal by the migrated citizens from India. The political leaders in power as well as in opposition, just to please their Indian bosses, are all set to amend the citizenship law making the law favourable for the migrated Indian citizens.

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