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Prachanda afraid of pro-Hindu campaign; silent on Unification Church

By Our Reporter
When the NC Mahasamitee representatives collected around 800 signatures demanding adoption of the Hindu religion by the party, those political leaders, who had declared Nepal a secular nation by taking personal benefit from some European nations, have become furious.
Co-chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda urged the Nepali Congress leaders for not pulling down Girija Prasad Koirala from heaven to hell. To recall, Girija Prasad, although unaware about the secular agenda, had accepted the secular agenda when it was announced in the constituent assembly. Later, Koirala was found saying with his close aides that he had been conspired that time by the Left leaders.
In reaction, NC senor leader Shekhar Koirala, in an interview, had said that if Prachanda accepts the spirit of the constitution, he has no morale to speak against the Hindu religion. He further while explaining on the controversial Asia-Pacific Summit organized by the Unification Church, said that after the nation was declared a secular nation, anti-national activities have been intensified, which may remove Nepali identity itself.
Meanwhile, another NC leader Shashank Koirala is demanding referendum on the issue of religion.
Unfortunately, those foreign puppets in the NC, in spite of demand of above 40 percent Mahasamitee representatives, have decided to dump the demand for Hindu nation.
Meanwhile, former King Gyanendra’s activities have also made worried the self-centered political leaders in power. The former King, who is currently in Pokhara, is visiting different Hindu shrines and meeting the local people and acquiring information about the current political situation in the country. Last week, the former King met Kamal Thapa, chairman, RPP. According to reports the former King was keen to know about the political developments in the country. The former King had also shown interests on the unification of the three RPP factions.
One thing is clear that people are frustrated from the performance of the government and they want restoration of the institution of the monarchy. The crowd gathered around the area where the former King is paying visit is an indication that the general public have hope with the former King. Nevertheless, the political leaders have become worried from such activities.

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