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Political upheavals may grip Nepal; PM Oli may land in trouble soon

By NP Upadhdhya
Indian Academician Brahma Chellany recently suggested his own government in Delhi that “India would do well if she asks for an apology from Nepal for all of its past blunders that New Delhi committed on the tiny Himalayan “sovereign” nation” in the past.
Perhaps he was talking of the frightening days and years of the 2005-6 which saw the Indian establishment bulldozing Nepali politics in such a way that the Changes desired by Indian power structure got institutionalized through the kind courtesy of the most infamous twelve point agreement that damaged Nepal beyond repair.
It is perhaps a delayed realization if the writer is sincere to what he has said. However, India under MODI is yet to apologize. It remains yet a due as of now.
No surprise that the Indian moves then were assisted beamingly by our own agitating seven political parties’ controlled by none other than Girija Prasad Koirala whose India tilt by then remained no longer a secret. (Peace be upon him-RIP).
Partial fault lay definitely with our own “India” trusted, tested and indoctrinated leaders. All that India did was to exploit the weaknesses of our political animals. India continues to exploit from this weakness even as of today. Ask those who are willingly exploited.
But at what cost? Is it free? Perhaps money matters.
Mr. Koirala and his colleagues felt somewhat honored in having found an opportunity to dance to the Indian tune then. However, the leaders may have exploited the fruits of the India- awarded-change thereafter, however, the people who supported the Indo-pendent leaders during the political turmoil perhaps are now repenting as to why they could not guess in advance that they had been assisting the India desired change through the kind courtesy of their own leaders? Many an innocent souls lost their precious lives in the process and the monarchy left for the nearby Kathmandu jungles once and for all. It is here where the common people got flat and the national population found that the entire game plan had been engineered by the Indian regime under dummy Indian PM Dr. MM Singh, now serving Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the mother of the Indian prince Rahul.  Yet some perverted brains in Nepal think still that the last change will bring twinkling stars from the heaven one fine evening for them though the promise was for the moon.  The lyricists, the music composers and the musical instruments all were made in India that made our heroes and builders to dance to the Indian tune composed especially by Sonia Gandhi and Vedanti Dr. Karan Singh.
After the much publicized change of the 2005-6, the best gift from India to Nepal was that the revolutionaries then residing in New Delhi were sent to Kathmandu in order to rule the nation in close collaboration with the Koirala clique. Chellany admits this fact.
Thereafter what ever happened in Nepal was no less than a horror story and the terrifying drama that had been staged by the Indian establishment, Shyam Saran and the dummy Indian PM Dr. MM Singh played the lead role, together with the visible helps extended to the government across the borders by our own disillusioned population finally fractured this ancient sovereign nation for good whose recovery, as far as could be guessed, is not possible in our life time in this material world.
Later Sita Ram Yechury came into the political scene in Nepal and was greeted by the local population as if he was the first Nepal President in the making. His tacit links with the Maoists of Nepal in many more than one forces one to conclude that the Indian Maoists who have become a security threat to the entire Indian establishment must have been encouraged by Mr. Yechury and thus the Delhi government is advised to interrogate this communist leader whose political credentials appears suspect. Yechury and Shyam Saran, we presume, are still in contact with the Indian Maoists leaders whom the Indian government is searching fanatically.
The nation-state was not only deformed by the New Delhi engineered last political change but had also to brave all the possible calamities, some natural and the rest India manufactured ones, which tentatively broke the vertebral columns of the nation-state.
As if this were not enough, Mother Nature too was unkind towards Nepal when an eight point Earth quake on the Richter scale hit Nepal and jolted the nation from within.
And Chaiwala PM Modi, as Mallikarjun from Maharastra claims, found it opportune to impose economic blockade on Nepal for having brushed aside the Indian orders to halt the promulgation of the new constitution.
The Nepal Government went ahead with the announcement of the constitution and the Indian wrath was there for all along sox months. (This scribe felt the pain of the overly stretched blockade himself).
This was the fourth blockade in series after the birth of India, 1947.
Chellany must have hit hard his own government with some hidden purpose which must have been the brain of those who usually make him to write on those somewhat embarrassing lines polished with diplomacy. Look how the events have unfolded since his article got published.
Two different events of high import have happened in Delhi and Kathmandu concurrently which may have some inner links with each other to which we now feel our bounden duty to inform our valued readers both within and without. Though it remains yet to be substantiated, however, things have begun moving in the direction as we intend to hint.
Immediately after Chellany wrote an apology article, almost around the same time in New Delhi itself the Indian Foreign Minister was instructing the Indian Ambassadors posted in the neighborhood to “educate” the leaders of the host countries of their posting about the “negative consequences” of having excessive links with China.
To talk all the nonsense against China is what was her mission.
In fact Sushma Swaraj was telling her ministry-subordinates that the Indian envoys should brain wash the leaders of the host countries in such a way that they (the students) begin feeling that asking for Chinese assistance was almost a crime in that such assistances originating from China was the shortest route to the “debt trap or for that matter financial breakdown” from which an easy escape was almost remote if not impossible. The idea is to use the education part as a psychological terror.
The Indian Ambassadors who listened to the sermons of Sushma Swaraj must have begun teaching lessons upon return against China to the leaders of the countries wherein they have been posted. The envoys must have by now returned to their working stations safe and sound. Almighty bless them.
This means that the much publicized Wuhan Summit that was held to reset India-China ties has miserably failed and that China still is India’s number one enemy as George Fernandez, the former Indian defense minister, had told openly some decades back.
The second event that is of equal import very unfortunately has happened in Kathmandu.
The recent reshuffle of media men in one media house to some extent is talked to have some linkages with Chellany’s much publicized article and the Indian FM’s dictations provided to her own diplomats in Delhi on how to malign China.
Apology in order to regain Nepali people’s sympathy and the diplomatic meet in Delhi meant to educate against China through the local media that fits into the pocket.
Not sure but yet the rumor in Kathmandu has been that two prominent media men accompanied Nepal PM Oli’s visit to China and both of them reported accurately as to what they have had witnessed. Their reporting contained some undeniable facts about China to which even the editors accompanying Oli to China could not suppress. Things that must not have been printed for Nepal’s public consumption got published in Kathmandu which perhaps irritated the government across the borders and thus the decision was perhaps taken to sack those two senior media men from the organization that is tentatively taken as subservient to Indian political machinery. Just guess works only based on the circulating rumors in Kathmandu political and social circuits.
The media men who had accompanied PM Oli to China and wrote China favoring article (in fact they wrote the facts to which they themselves remained the first hand witness) right by being in Beijing was sufficient enough for those China haters in Nepal and Delhi to sack these two senior editors. Our sympathy goes to the sacked ones. We mean it.
Finally the two were declared martyrs.
The vacant position has already been replaced by yet another declared Indo-pendent media man whose tacit links with former Indian foreign Secretary Shyam Saran remains no longer a secret now. Believe it or not but yet again a widely circulated rumor of the highest order.
He was the one who primarily interviewed Prachanda, high placed sources say, who was then residing in New Delhi enjoying Indian government’s blessings. This interview later paved the way for Shyam Saran to pounce upon Nepal the way he desired. Rest is history.
Those who have been closely watching the Indian policy on Nepal, more so taken after the last political change, if it could be taken as such, prefer to weave all these threads together which bring us all to a point from where these conclusions can be drawn.
First, India is not happy with PM Oli’s China visit; Oli is a China tilted man.
Second, China’s assurances made to PM Oli during the visit may enable Nepal to depend less on India which the latter can’t digest politically. Delhi prefers Kathmandu to heavily rely on India as usual so that time permitting arms could be twisted.
Thirdly, Increasing Nepal-China ties bodes ill for the greater advantages of India in Nepal.
Fourthly, India wants that the Nepali populace to be pumped with the news that China is not a good friend of Nepal and that the population should thus impress upon their own government to refrain from making efforts aimed at bringing Nepal-China ties closer.
Fifthly, the Chinese announcement that soon Chinese rail shall approach Kathmandu has almost retarded the Indian brains hoping that how to cope with the Chuk Chuk musical sound of the Chinese train if that becomes a reality?
Sixthly, so in order to brain wash the Nepali population, a strong media in Nepal was what was needed most and that too controlled by such an editor who could be tamed as and when felt urgent. Remote device is preferred.
What is more than surprising is that such events have happened in and around and even prior to Oli’s visit to China. After the visit albeit, things took a different momentum in effect.
Thus, summing up what could be said that Sushama’s call for educating the neighbors, Chellany’s apology related article and the sudden upheavals seen in the Nepali media sector all put together make sense which speaks so many things unspoken.
Yet learned men opine that India should now abandon the idea of competing with China. Okay for the moment if India consoles that Nepal has been brainwashed then what of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives? China is a super power now, India has to admit.
Instead of educating the neighbors against China, India should concentrate on winning the hearts of the tortured smaller friends in the neighborhood and earn respect from them which may in the long run allow India to think of competing China or else simply by picking up its preferred editors here and there would boomerang ultimately.
Media changes allegiances on a regular basis. Money matters perhaps for media both in Nepal and India also.
The Changed media man has reportedly begun penning articles aimed first at destabilizing Nepal and its PM by aligning with the anti-Oli and China lobby then perhaps the ultimate design is to ruin the nation under instructions from above as it had happened in the long distant past. The changed media man is taken as a thorough gentleman tough in spite of the opposite rumors.
India is also advised to manage some drinking waters for its thirsty population along the Bhikhana Thori area that borders Nepal. The people from inside the village adjoining Nepal border cross into Nepal and fill their jerkins from the river that flows in Nepal and return to their villages which has affected the children going to school. The children instead of going to school are being sent to Nepali rivers to fetch water by their parents. (Courtesy Indian TV Channel).
India would do well if listens to what AG Noorani says of his own country, (sic), there can be no real peace in South Asia without a settlement of the Kashmir dispute.
Mr. Noorani who is a renowned Indian writer made this comment while talking to the Frontline.
“Intolerance is the hallmark of the Saffron party. From the top of the bottom, from the frontline leaders to think-tank’s, from the ministers to the spokespersons, all are over loaded with venom and spit it at their will. (Meelamani@twitter).
Perhaps this message which has originated from India itself speaks so many things unspoken. By the way this reference has been made by an Indian national keeping in mind to what has been said recently by Shashi Tharoor. Tharoor is a congressman and has recently said that Modi wants to make yet another Hindu Pakistan.
In sum, India hates everything around it if the objects do not suit to its taste. Nepal has become the fresh target.
If a regime change suits to India in order to check the heavy engagement of China in Nepal then that would be the best education taught to the Nepali rulers-the presumed students of the Indian establishment that they were and are still.
Perhaps Chellany was hinting all these through his article which has coincided with the reshuffle in Nepal media house which shall be entrusted with the job of educating Nepali leaders and its population that China is a bad stuff and et al.
Should this mean that a regime change is in the making in Nepal? Let’s ask Shyam Saran and his colleagues.
The Nepali government under Communist KP Oli, in the meantime, has already become a laughing stock (to which he is not) and the Oli detractors were extracting sadistic pleasure for their comfort. Oli too is at fault. Nepal is now a communist state with Chinese characteristics.
The manner PM Oli and his government has taken up the case of Dr. Govind KC is what is being cashed in upon by his known detractors.
Dr. KC’s issue by now has become global with the visible penetration of some alien forces. Some anti-China elements presumably have entered into the scene and the target is PM Oli.
Dr. KC’s inner motives may not be questioned, however, his arrogance is somewhat mysterious. Former Chief Justice too has jumped into the case of Dr. KC which has emboldened Dr. KC and his supporters.
PM Oli and his ministers are creating ugly political scenes in Kathmandu that are of the Chinese characteristics. Such acts may invite troubles for PM Oli. Enemies have centered their guns and the target is PM Oli. Alien forces too have made Oli their target.
For the road: Malaysia sees China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a big opportunity for South Asia region, especially for Pakistan and can partner with Pakistan in potential projects in various sectors, if invited, an envoy said this Monday.
“… Malaysia wants to increase bilateral trade with Pakistan, which was currently standing at around $1.34 billion and was in favour of Malaysia,” Khairul Nazran Abd Rahman, Consul General of Malaysia in Karachi, said speaking to reporters at the conclusive session of 20th Study Malaysia Expo.
Rahman said his country also wanted to promote tourism in Pakistan. “Last year 39,000 Pakistani visited to Malaysia,” he said. The envoy said, being a brotherly country, Malaysia intended to build strong relationship with Pakistan.
Rahman, who has taken the charge just two weeks back, said he felt very comfortable and happy with Karachiites whom he described as very friendly and hospital.
China helping Pakistan in energy sector:
Apart from developing other means of electricity generation in Pakistan, China is already helping Pakistan in nuclear energy production by supplying nuclear power reactors, under IAEA safeguards based on agreements signed in the field of nuclear cooperation. Apart from installing Chashma 1 and Chashma 2 power plants, which are already producing electricity in Pakistan, in 2017 China has signed another deal with Pakistan to also install Chashma 3 and Chashma 4 power plants. Out of these each power plant, after completion, will produce 1000 megawatts of electricity. As part of the CPEC project, China is also building two HUOLONG ONE nuclear reactors in Karachi that will become ready to use by 2021, say various media agencies.
So writes Venita Christopher for modern diplomacy dated 16 July 2018 that after signing of the CPEC agreement, China is very keen to help Pakistan in the energy production, as energy is required not only for the construction of CPEC projects but also for its subsequent operation. This is because China is also going to get huge trade benefits by trading with the outer world using the CPEC. In other words, apart from helping its friend Pakistan in energy production, this cooperation also serves China’s economic interests in a major way. In this context, the CPEC is a win-win project that serves Pakistan and China’s interest in a similar way.
Before we conclude, here is a flash for India. China is donating some big buses for Kathmandu valley to begin with. To recall, while receiving such buses, baby Bhutan braved the Indian economic blockade.
Wish that China-Nepal Economic Corridor too takes a formal shape soon much to the discomfort of New Delhi. Yet malice to none. That’s all.

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