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PM Oli presents a long list of achievements

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli last Thursday presented a long list of achievements made by his government in a year. In a televised address on the occasion of the completion of the first year in the office, Prime Minister Oli presented the lists of the works his government performed in a year.
Although the people in general had not felt any change in their life in a year, the government managed to produce an unbelievable lists of the works it carried out.
He said that the first one year of the government was the foundation year of federalism, good governance and prosperity.
“Integrity is at the heart of the government activities. This year we have built a foundation for further work. Years ahead will be the years of achievements and success. On completion of the five-year term, as we go for next elections, we will be able to proudly declare that all the promises we made in the election manifesto have been fulfilled,” Prime Minister Oli said in his address to the nation.
Stating that the dreams that he and the public had would reach another level in five years, he said that dreams for further development, progress and achievements and the government’s destination towards ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ would be met.
He said federalism had come into operation and the foundation of participatory system of governance had been created. He said the government succeeded to draft, endorse and amend several laws in a year. The Prime Minister said that 47 Regulations and 7 Formation Orders were issued and a total of 33 Directives and Guidelines had been formulated in the past one year.
He said that Nepal had become party to 95 various bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements.
He said that Nepal achieved political stability and was moving towards achieving economic stability.
He also highlighted positive indicators of the economy.
“The import of industrial goods, construction materials and goods that support capital formation has increased by 32.1 per cent. Loans and investments from banks and financial institutions have gone up by 20.3 per cent. The loan-flow to the private sector has also increased by 24.1 per cent.
To ease the exports and imports from Vishakhapatnam Port, electronic cargo tracking system has been put in place for clearance of goods directly at Birgunj
“As of mid January 2019, the foreign currency reserve with the banks is sufficient to sustain the imports of goods for 8.9 months and goods and services for 7.8 months. This implies that we have comfortable foreign currency reserve,” PM Oli said.
The Prime Minister said that Nepal managed to establish bilateral relations with more countries in a year.
He said Nepal had been elected as the coordinator of Asia-Pacific group in the Human Rights Council and as a member of the UN Peace Building Commission.
He also recalled his visit to India and China and the achievements he made in further consolidating the relationships with the two closer neighbours.

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