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Partiality in NA officer cadets’ selection

By Our Reporter
Not an odd, the Nepal Army also has become an organization of rampant corruption, nepotism and favouritism. Just recently, some individuals were arrested by the Police on the charge of appearing in the examination with fake identity of different candidates trying to get recruitment in the Nepal Army. It was happened during the written examination for the Army cadets’ new recruitment.
It is said, there is already a setting of a group and recruitment is possible only after offering already fixed amount of money to this group. Otherwise, how could individuals dare to appear for examination with fake identity in the Nepal Army like organization!
It is said that even after completing all the formalities, including physical tests, written examination conducted by Public Service Commission (PSC), the candidate will be overthrown by the setting of the board of corrupt NA officials in the name of oral interview and they are found recruiting their own relatives, otherwise, those candidates who have paid money in advance for recruitment.
A month ago, vacancy for Army Officer Cadets for 150 personnel was announced. About four thousand candidates had applied and 700 candidates had passed the PSC conducted written examination.
Out of them, the Army officials had to select 150 candidates, however, selection was made not on the basis of capability, ability and physical fitness but on the basis of nepotism and favouritism and, specially, on the basis of pre-setting for the recruitment, said a candidate who had successfully appeared in the interview, however, was victimized by the panel of the interviewer – NA officials.

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