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Our party is for sovereignty, integrity and indivisible nation: Basanta Raj Kunwar

Basanta-KunwarRetired SSP of the Nepal Police and renowned social worker Basanta Raj Kunwar , who has recently entered politics by registering a new party. Excerpts of an interview with Kunwar as given below:


Q. Have the Government ex-service personnel really become active in politics?
Ans: Yes now the ex-national service personnel is going to be very active in politics and  relieve the country from this quagmire and transform the country into a well-developed, safe and affluent country.

Q. what is the rational of opening a new party amongst the already existing 180 parties?
Ans:  As more and more parties came into existence the people became poor, insecure and had to live in fear in one’s own country, looks like the country is in control of shareholders. All the responsible parties are either busy breaking up the country or destroying the religious culture or tradition of the country and some are even interested in destroying the harmony of the country by raising ethnical and regional issues. Although national servicemen party have been requesting all the concerned to be more responsible and change the strategy but there was no improvement therefore national servicemen had to come to the fore front to save the country and protect the Nepalese people.

Q. what will be your status among the already existing well established parties with its roots in every village?
Ans:  We will soon be in a position to give all these parties a tough fight. There are all types of people in this party and we are here to bring back the country back to its track.

Q: what was the main reason for joining politics?
Ans: We had to get involved in politics because of high degree of insult, to the servicemen and corruption in the system. We all are aware of instances where officers like CDO’s and secretaries are man handled by politicians. High handedness of politicians are seen in every sector be it business, agriculture or industry and everything is in disarray. Therefore we had to join the politics as there was danger even to the nation and nationality.

Q. What is in the manifesto of your party?
Ans: Our aim is very simple. We will not let any harm come to our sovereignty, integrity and our borders. We will create a brotherhood among all Nepalese. We will make economic progress and strive for every Nepalese family to have an income of at least one lakh rupees.Our aim is to make every Nepali to feel proud to be a Nepali and believe in the motto actions speak better than words.

Q. What is the secret of your party that will make everyone believe in you r party?
Ans: We have everything we need to be an affluent nation but we lack political will power. We should identify the right people for the right posts which the parties are not doing now and people do not expect this from the parties as all of them are practicing partisanship politics. We will end this system of the government being the biggest stumbling block for development.

Q. What is your party’s economic policy?
Ans: Our aim is to make everyone in Nepal rich and reach such an economical state that every Nepali will be able to travel the world for six months by working for six months only. We all know that a strong economy is the basis for all types of development in a nation be it education, health etc. The politicians should have this dream and then the intellectuals and other experts will turn this dream into a reality. We believe that we have all the means for every family in Nepal to make an earning of at least one lakh rupees

Q. What is your opinion regarding safety and security?
Ans: We give top priority to national security and we believe that every Nepali has a right to live in a safe and secure environment. We will eliminate all types of insecurity in the society like extortion, vandalism, hooliganism and kidnapping. We will also try to eradicate other social evils like human trafficking, drug trafficking, and women and children trafficking. We will strongly follow the citizens charter of safety and security of the society. We will also protect every inch of our Nation and establish a tradition of “Border Pooja” once every year. We will provide the right atmosphere for all the government mechanism to function properly which is not present at present according to the recent report of World Bank.

Q: What new ideas do you have for National development?
Ans: We will walk the talk and not talk the talk only. Right now the parties are only mouthing the words “for the nation and for the people and doing nothing about it. We will have a systematic approach to every type of development be it education, agriculture or defense. We will have the right people at the right place and give due respect to those that deserve it. We will have a proper monitoring and evaluation mechanism and plan and monitor all the works of the INGOS and NGOS so that everyone is working for the Nation and not against it.

Q: There is already a party named Naya Shakti for this type of work?
Ans: In actuality our party is the NAYA SHAKTI (new force). The party called Naya Shakti is not a new power as how can a party having ex-prime minister and ex ministers in the leadership be a new power. The people have already seen their performance in the past and so we cannot expect the nation to change drastically in the future as these leaders were not able to do so in the past. We need new people in the leadership and not new parties.

Q. Who is the ideal of your party?
Our ideal is the Nepalese people themselves. We will not be hanging the pictures of foreign leaders. Our ideals are the Nepalese people working for their country be it a farmer, king, soldier, journalist, social worker etc. Our party does not believe in spending our hard earned money on these politicians who are always busy bickering and fighting with each other. We also believe that even the politicians should not receive perks and benefits after they are out of a post just like all the service people.Our party has been born in Nepal and for and of the Nepalese. We believe that the time is ripe for all the Nepalese to join our party not only to protect our Country but also to protect the hard earned tax payers money of the poor Nepalese.

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