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Oli is sick but the government is safe

By Our Reporter
As the main opposition party and other parties in opposition are very weak and fighting against each-other within their parties, the KP Sharma Oli led government is safe, even though, the government has not been able to perform according to the promises it had made to the people. The main opposition party the Nepali Congress, has not been able to oppose the Oli government’s bad deeds due to the dispute among the leaders. NC has neither the courage to oppose the government in the parliament nor in the streets even after the government works are not satisfactory.
However, the government is facing problems from within its own party – the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN).
Madhav Nepal is creating hurdles and making continuous efforts to make the government, PM and chairman KP Sharma Oli weak in the party. Nepal is regaining strength in the party with the plan of becoming party chairman from the upcoming party national convention. Bamdev Gautam, on the other hand, has become furious from PM Oli’s plan to isolate him in the party. Gautam is trying to reorganize his own group by gathering those who are dissatisfied with PM Oli.
Move against Oli:
Currently, the Madhav Nepal faction has tried to isolate Oli in the party. Under this design, the 21 central committee members have submitted a memorandum to the party leadership demanding a central committee meeting soon prior to the formation of the politburo. The Nepal faction wants to cut down the power enjoyed by Oli and another chairman Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda.
On the other hand, Oli is unable to strengthen his group in the party. Meanwhile, those known to be Oli’s confidants have also become dissatisfied with Oli’s performance. They blame that Oli is taking decisions on his own and doesn’t consult with other leaders.
Health is not good:
Doctors have advised Oli for not doing heavy works. Due to his growing age, anytime, he may catch some infection. The last time also, luckily Oli was able to survive as he had already caught by an infection and if his hospitalization had been delayed by even one day, it would have been difficult to keep Oli safe. Doctors observing him have given a big list of things from which Oli has to remain aloof from.

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