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Oli in search of ambassador to India

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has started initiatives to find out proper ambassadorial candidate to India. Oli’s first choice is his closed confidant and political aide Pradeep Gyawali, however, he is doubtful whether India will accept Gyawali as the ambassador or not.
According to Jana Asstha vernacular weekly, India has wished nomination of a professional diplomat rather than a political leader. The Weekly has stated that two former RAW officials visited Kathmandu to develop a report on appropriate Nepal policy to be implemented by India. The concerned officials have already submitted the report. During their stay in Kathmandu, they had held a meeting with Oli. At that time, they had enquired on two issues – when President Vidya Bhandary is visiting India and when the government is going to propose the name of new ambassador to India. Since then, PM Oli is trying to find out suitable candidate to the post of the ambassador to India.
Reports state, former ambassador to India Vek Bahadur Thapa, former bureaucrat who became the home and foreign minister in the cabinet headed by Khilraj Regmi, Madhav Sharma and India trusted youth Nischalraj Pandey, among others are in the race to become the ambassador to India.

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