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Oli government unveils 100 days’ achievements

By Our Reporter
The government formed under Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in February has completed 100 days in office.
In 100 days, the powerful government has not produced the expected results, yet it did something important to end a few malpractices prevalent in public administration, transportation, foreign employment and power sectors.
The biggest achievement of this government in its 100 days is ending the syndicate in public transportation.
Likewise, the government freed Nepal from the problem of load-shedding while it has been effortful to end the malpractices in foreign employment and development projects, especially by penalizing the contractors who do not complete work in time.  It reduces the number of ministries.  Similarly, it has controlled the tendency among civil servants to go overseas in the government expenditure. It also improved its relations with India.
However, it failed to solve the problem of dust in Kathmandu and expedite reconstruction work of heritage sites like Kasthamandap, Rani Pokhari, Dharahara. Similarly, it failed to control corruption. Instead, the government took a few controversial decisions like giving amnesty to Bal Krishna Dhungel who was convicted in a murder case.
Although the people in general look satisfactory over the performance of the government, the main opposition party has termed the honeymoon period as disappointing.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Oli expressed that his government was firm in the development mission.
In a video message released on the occasion of the completion of 100 days in the office, on Monday Prime Minister Oli said that the achievements made by the government in 100 days signaled a clear and positive message towards achieving the goal of prosperous Nepal.
“We will fully employ our internal means, resources and strengths to achieve the development goal. We also coordinate with our friendly neighbours and other international organisations and agencies for the purpose. The 100 days of the government show positive signs in the right direction,” Oli said in 88-point video message.
He also mentioned the ending of the infamous syndicate in the transportation sector as the important achievement.
He warned of taking stern action against those contractors who had been occupying mega projects without beginning construction work and ending the network of smugglers.
He also reiterated his commitment to taking  harsh measures against those who had been cheating the migrant Nepali workers for long.
Stating that the train had become a national dream, the Prime Minister said that the detailed project report of the Kerung-Kathmandu, and Pokhara-Lumbinirailways would be completed within mid-August.
Claiming that ties with the southern neighbour had improved, the Prime Minister said that India removed its temporary camp from Biratnagar.
The government planned to save 15 billion rupees in a year by implementing the policy of effectiveness and economy in the public expenditure, he stated.
He reiterated that he would not involve in corruption nor would he allow others indulge in it.
Oli mentioned that the government added 250 hours to the working time by curtailing the number of public holidays.
Also stating that the common people had a lot of expectations and dreams from the current government, the Prime Minister added that the government tried its best to address such dreams and expectations through its policies and programmes for the coming fiscal year.

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