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Oli-Dahal relations

By Our Reporter
The other day, Prime Minister and CPN chairman KP Sharma Oli said that different sections are active in creating disputes between the two chairmen in the party, however, Oli expressed the commitment that he will make successful the unification process.
Obviously, relations between Oli and Dahal are based on conspiracy and suspicion.
Oli is not happy from Dahal’s interview printed in The Times of India when he was in Delhi. Dahal had disclosed the secret agreement between Oli and Dahal before the unification process of the party. Dahal disclosed to the Indian media that there was an agreement between him and Oli for sharing power in the party as well as in the government.
Accordingly, Dahal, on the eve of his sojourn to Delhi, had informed to the media close to him that very soon the cabinet will be reshuffled.
Immediately after Dahal’s statement, Oli refuted this statement of Dahal. At that time, Dahal was in Delhi. Dahal, upon his return from Delhi, corrected his information saying that Oli is authentic leader to say what was the fact and his statement was also authentic.
Oli is suspicious of Dahal’s three-our-long one-on-one meeting with Indian national security advisor Ajit Doval before his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Similarly, Dahal is suspicious with Oli that whether the latter will hand over the PM’s position to him after completion of two and half years. Likewise, Dahal is suspicious from the activities of former UML leaders in the party. It is almost sure that Dahal will not become unopposed party chairman as per the agreement between Oli and Dahal. However, Dahal believes that on the basis of the secret deal between Oli and him, Oli has to support him in the party election for the post of the party chairman. Dahal has also understood that Oli’s support alone is not enough to secure victory in the party. Therefore, Dahal has developed relations with Bamdev Gautam. To please Gautam, Dahal said that the federal parliament looks incomplete from the absence of Gautam. Currently, Dahal has asked the party general secretary Bishnu Poudel to create one seat vacant in the parliament, so that, Gautam could contest a by-election and be elected.
According to the party sources, Dahal had recommended Bishnu Poudel’s name to the post of the party general secretary by bypassing elected general secretary Ishwar Pokhrel.
Poudel’s role is to clear obstacles for Dahal during the party election.
Who will become strong in the party, that will be decided after the completion of unification process of the lower organs of the party. It is because, the lower organs of the party will elect the national convention representatives who will have the right to vote for the top party leaders.
Senior leader Madhav Nepal has already warned the party leadership for not indulging in any partiality in the unification process of the lower organs.
Last week’s party secretariat meeting was unable to decide on the unification of the lower organizations. Therefore, the secretariat has given the responsibility to the chairman-duo to accomplish this job, it is unclear what will happen.

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