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Now only Hishila left with Baburam Bhattarai!

By Our Reporter
Dr Baburam Bhattarai, the long-time former second man of the Maoist Party and Deputy of Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who had formed Naya Shakti Party-Nepal with a plan of becoming the largest party of the country by 2075 BS is likely to have only his spouse Hishila in his party.
In recent days, a group of leaders after another is deserting his NSP-N stating that Dr Bhattarai was incapable to lead a political party.
More leaders became frustrated with Dr Bhattarai when the party fared very badly in the two phases of local polls held in May and June.
When influential leaders of Madhes—Ram Chandra Jha and Ram Kumar Sharma joined the Maoist-Centre, 16 central members led by Devendra Poudel also quit the party with an intention of returning to the Prachanda-led Maoist-Centre.
In yet another setback to (NSP-N, 206 central council members under the leadership of Provincial Council member Balram Pun joined forces with the Poudel faction.
Poudel, along with 15 NSP-N leaders including Kumar Poudel, Mukti Pradhan, and Pasang Sherpa, had formed the Brihat Dhrubikaran Samayojan Samiti following differences with Bhattarai over ideological issues.
Earlier, Naya Shakti leaders, including Mumaram Khanal and Rameshwor Khanal, had left the party.
The dissidents led by leader Poudel were set to join the CPN (Maoist Centre) on Tuesday.
Now it seems Dr Bhattarai will not be having leaders to file candidacy for the elections of the Federal and Provincial parliament which are to be held on November 26.
Meanwhile, Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has expressed hope that all the leaders who deserted the Maoist party would rejoin the party. He also termed Dr Bhattarai as leader lacking intelligence.

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