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Non-functional political system

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
It is impossible for a poor person to feed a white elephant. The political system that we are practicing is none other than a white elephant. If we will continue to walk on the path of the present constitution, it will obviously invite many problems including the threat of division of the nation.
The Nepal Army, which claims that it exists for safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and independence, is just a ceremonial army, although, it is a professional force, as they claim. The political leaders, who are found serving foreign interests instead of serving the nation, have always tried to make weak the national security forces. An individual like CK Raut are openly campaigning for splitting the nation. The activities of the leaders in the No 2 province are very much suspicious as they seem to have no sense of patriotism, like many other political leaders and bureaucrats. The demand for the amendment of the constitution by ensuring immediate naturalized citizenship to the immigrants with all rights including constitutional one, is an encouragement for the Indians to migrate to Nepal. This will obviously lead the nation towards a division — sooner or later.
The present political system has developed the mechanism of giving employment to a maximum number of political workers, but the government has no source to provide them a monthly salary and other facilities. In spite of the recommendation of the restructuring commission, the political leaders have introduced a large number of 753 municipalities and rural municipalities by fixing a salary from the mayor to ward chairmen and ward members along with the responsibility of a district. We had 75 districts in the old mechanism. Now, two districts have been added but the district committee is just a coordination body and all the rights the district was enjoying are being handed-over to the local units. This means, we have added 753 local units having authority of 75 districts. This has added administrative expenses by many folds compared to the previous system.
Nepal itself is many times smaller than the Indian states of Bihar or UP or Uttarakhanda. In such a tiny nation, the political leaders have introduced seven provinces, which is not practical. Besides, we have a federal government on top that has much more expenses. The country’s total domestic revenue is not enough to meet the administrative expenses of these organs. If we continue to follow the present system, very soon, the country will become bankrupt.
To conclude, the present system will not carry the nation and the people towards prosperity. May be, the political activists will benefit, but not the entire people. Also, the present political system cannot safeguard Nepali sovereignty and independence.
As the present system, although it is claimed that it holds the mandate of above 95 percent of the people, has been imposed by those political leaders serving foreign interests against the broad interests of the Nepali people. The Nepali population had never demanded federalism, secularism and republicanism, therefore, very soon, yet another revolt can be expected.

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