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Nirmala’s case gets new twist, new fake guilty are again likely to be presented

By Our Reporter
It has been nearly five months since 13-year-old Nirmala Panta was raped and killed in Kanchanpur, but the government has still been unable to find and punish the guilty. The police administration that not only committed negligence in the investigation of the case in the initial phase but also presented fake guilty is again preparing to present two youth as the guilty in the case. The police are reportedly grilling them in Kathmandu.
However, there have already been media reports that the locals do not believe that the two boys had committed the crime.
After the police arrested Pradip Rawal and Bishal Chaudhary of Kanchanpur suspecting their involvement in the crime and Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokharel announced that the government was preparing to make the guilty public, local media in Kanchanpur claimed that they were in the police custody on the day (July 26) Nirmala was raped and killed.
According to the media reports, Rawal and Chaudhary were arrested on the charge of stealing chicken and other goods from the shop of local Puni Ram Chaudhary.
Even the local right activists have argued the arrested boys were not the real guilty and the police was presenting them as guilty to silent the agitating locals and people.
Although the government has been telling that the police would find and punish the guilty, locals have stopped believing such claims.
Even Prime Minister K P Oli while addressing a function organised by the National Human Rights Commission on Monday on the occasion of the 70th International Human Rights Day said that the government would punish the guilty at any cost.
Meanwhile, the National Assembly’s Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee sought clarifications from Inspector General of Nepal Police Sarbendra Khanal on the case.
Responding the queries of the lawmakers, Khanal said that the investigation had narrowed down. He also said that no pressure would influence the police investigation.
The Upper House committee had invited the police chief to the meeting in the context when the case remained as an ‘unsolved mystery’ even after four and half months since it happened and there are growing public concerns over a delay in booking the guilty.
The police chief informed the committee that some police officers were relieved from the posts for their non-professional performance in regard with the handling of the case and the investigation process was going on. As he said, some weakness earlier in the investigation was due to a hurry in disclosing the names of some people taken under control in course of the investigation.
However, it looks likely that the police may not be able to find the culprit in near future.
The government had already sacked two police officers for their utter negligence in the investigation of the case while Nirmala’s parents and relatives have been staging hunger strike demanding the arrest of the culprits.

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