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Nepali politics is sick

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
There is a government which secures two-thirds majority, but the government is not functioning at all. The two political parties – the UML and the Maoist Center – were merged into the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), but the new unified party is not functioning. Regular meetings of the secretariat, standing committee and the central committee are not taking place. Many leaders have become inactive since the party has been unable to give them any work or responsibility. The unified party is still engaged in adjustment of political leaders, formation of the province, district and local level units which are not functioning at present.
To conclude, the unified CPN has become the party without any function.
Top ranking leaders are dissatisfied with the present party’s supreme leaders’ performance. That is why the party’s supreme leaders are avoiding regular meetings of the party secretariat. Dispute among the top-ranking leaders has further intensified since the merger of the two parties and the level of dispute is going to be expand in the near future.
Similarly, the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, is also engaged in internal dispute and power tussles. The party has not been able to perform the duty of the main opposition neither in the parliament nor in the streets.
The same applies with the third largest party – Rastriya Janata Party. Presently, there is a race for party leadership as they are compelled to hold a national convention soon. This party is also unable to play a political role due to the internal disputes and race for the party leadership.
Three parties of former panchas – RPP, RPP (Democratic) and RPP (Unified Nationalist) are unable to show their role in the national politics as they are divided just to capture party leadership and posts. Of late, the supreme leaders have tried to re-unify the three parties, however, the process has been derailed due to the ego of the top leaders.
Although the government is taking many unpopular decisions and performing dictatorial role, even though, there is no powerful political party in opposition to challenge the government’s acts. Even the government has not been able to perform, as there is no force to challenge the government.
Such a scenario will not benefit the nation. Due to lack of vision among the leaders in all the political parties, the country is suffering a lot.
While summarizing the political developments in Nepal since the adoption of multiparty democracy, due to lack of political character among the leaders, the multiparty democracy has not been able to perform smoothly under the party leadership.

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