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Nepali media becoming vulnerable

By Our Reporter
Media sector enjoys press freedom as guaranteed by the constitution, however, of late, except from those running under economic budget or say tabloid newspapers, big media houses are being run either under the covert support of the foreign agencies or through the investment of those mafias involved in illegal business.
Some businessmen have invested in media to legalize their black-money and to establish their image as a journalist in the society.
As there is no mechanism to stop such people from their investment in media sector, the image of Nepali media has already been spoiled.
Nepali media market is very small due to high rate of illiteracy, less purchasing capacity of the readers and increasing distrust on Online and print media.
Today, there is a flood of online portals but are such portals publishing news/reports based on truth, it has created a big question.
Due to the flood of media, it has invited unhealthy competition and to attract the readers, a trend of giving sensitive headline has been developed.
In the meantime, big media houses are found bargaining with the businessmen and government officials demanding huge amount of money.
Ultimately, the media business is in a vulnerable state as this sector has become attractive venue for those who are doing manpower business, cross-country smuggling, gold smugglers, commission agents, brokers, etc…

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