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Nepali intellectuals on Doklam dispute

By Our Reporter
Independent intellectuals/writers believe that India has violated the international norms by deploying its force in Doklam. However, they are divided on possibility of war. Some argue that there can be war between the two nations, whereas, some others are predicting that the dispute will not invite war.
Dr Vek Bahadur Thapa, ex-foreign minister, has expressed the view that both the parties will try to get a face-save point and there will not be a war at all.
In a TV interview Thapa has remarked that India doesn’t want to lose its grip on Bhutan. Doklam is the issue between Bhutan and China but Bhutan is silent. As Nepal signed on OBOR, India is not happy from increasing engagement of China here.
He has also opined that in the 1962 the war between China and India, India encroached our Kalapani area and she deployed her troops there. We have not been able to speak on this issue. This is the time to raise this issue as well. Thapa remarked.
Balananda Sharma retired Nepal Army General, in a TV interview, said that the Doklam dispute has invited a critical situation. Without any serious situation, things will not move to the present level of dispute. India has claimed that China has occupied India’s big land, which is larger than the size of Nepal. Today, India is also an atomic power. In India, Narendra Modi is a strong prime minister. Therefore, India has come up with a strong conviction. It seems that India is mentally prepared for war. There are two options for India — either settling the territorial dispute through a war or a negotiation. For last 55 years, the issue was not settled through negotiation. Therefore, war is a compulsion for India.
Nepal like country should not take side of any of the country in the dispute. Bhutan has also remained silent, he remarked.
He further opined that the westerners may come to support India in this war. Otherwise, the west will come to play the role of a mediator. Even in this situation, Nepal should remain silent. And if there will be a pressure from India, Nepal should take side with India by viewing the situation.
Dilip Rayamajee, retired Nepal Army General, in a TV interview, said that Under the provocation of America, India has attempted to fight with China but India cannot fight with China. Indian PM Modi is trying to get excuse for her face save.
In their write-ups and addresses of ex-external affairs secretary Shyamsaran, Sushma, sitting external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and many others, they have remarked that war is not a solution. Both the countries should end the dispute through talks, he remarked.
War between the two big countries is not a good gesture for Nepal like country. If there will be war, Nepal’s land can be used, we should be alert on this, he has remarked.
Bhaskar Koirala, in a long article appeared on Online news portal “Online Khabar” has analysed analysed possible mpact of the Doklam dispute.
He has stated that China has already made clear by making public the position paper on the Doklam plateau, from which it becomes clear that Doklam is the Chinese territory.
Both the sides have increased their military activities in the border areas. Is this a sign of war, the answer is silent, he has stated.
Both the nations are engaged in economic activities. But whether they will return to a traditional war again, this is a question. Increasing military activities by both the countries in the disputed border areas is a gesture of a war.
During Modi’s visit to America, foreign secretary S. Jayashankar had briefed to the media that the US and India have developed strategic alliance, he recalled.
Some analysts have remarked that along with increasing winter in Doklam, the troops from both the countries will return to the warm place. But this time, there is no sign of return of the troops from both the countries, Koirala remarked.
Keshab Prasad Bhattarai, who is working with the Institute for Strategic Study, in his series of articles published in the Annapurna Post vernacular daily, by quoting Indian scholars/former ambassador, has given evidences that the Doklam plateau is the Chinese territory and later, Bhutan had claimed this territory only after India developed a new map for Bhutan. In the previous map developed by British, Doklam belongs to China, he has stated.
In his latest article published in the Daily, Bhattarai has stated that Modi is a strong and vibrant leader and in the next general elections in 2019, he is almost sure to be elected for next five year tenure.
However, questions have started to raise that whether Modi’s aides are similar like Nehru [who fought the 1962 war]! Whether Modi is again going to face the same fate of Nehru, there are many questions and answers remain within Modi and his closed aide only.
Dr Narayan Khadka, former minister and NC MP, in a TV interview, said that Doklam is Chinese territory and strategically important pass for China. Of late, Chinese influence is increasing in Bhutan and Bhutan is trying to become free from the status of the India protected nation. Therefore, India has taken such a strategy to make stronghold on Bhutan.
If both the countries will go for a war, it will have a serious impact on our country. Borders can be sealed and supply of goods can be stopped. There will be a hue and cry situation in Nepal, he said.
Dr Prakashchandra Lohani, chairman, RPP Nationalist believes that Nepal should play a neutral role on this dispute. In a TV interview, he has made such a remark.
Keshar Bahadur Bhandari, former Army general, has remarked that there is a possibility of a soft war between the two nations. We have to do good homework considering the upcoming possibilities. Nepal’s security strategic sector should remain alert. Borders can be sealed and supply of goods can be stopped.
Dr Jayaraj Acharya, former permanent representative to the UN, talking to AP 1 TV, has said that India and China may not invite war.
Construction of road in Doklam is considered as an extended form of OBOR. China is constructing this road to capture Indian market. North Korea’s present activities are also linked with the Doklam dispute.
America wants war between India and China. Both the countries are at the position of face-off at Doklam and Bhutan has remained silent. Bhutan is a UN member country but Bhutan cannot develop friendly relations with other foreign countries. India is alert on this.
Deuba is visiting India. He may face pressure from India to take side with India on the Dolkam issue. Whether Nepal can resist this pressure, it is a question.
America wants to disturb China. China’s relations with Philippines are improving. In the meantime, the Doklam dispute has been surfaced.
Dr Rajendra Thapa, retired Nepal Army General, says that China has come to Doklam to show that China has become a superpower now. China is capable in both defensive and offensive war whereas America is based on offensive war.
China has claimed that Doklam is north’s territory and Bhutan has remained silent.
However, there will be no war between the two countries. After fall down of temperature in Doklam, the troops from both the countries will return from the present position. Modi is playing political game. He wants to give the message that India has been able to give reply to Pakistan and now India has given a slap to China. Doklam is the Chinese territory and China will not back from Doklam. India will return from Doklam, he said.
Dr Nandan Bahadur Singh, talking to News 24 TV, said that Doklam is the Chinese territory and China has already produced the evidence. China had constructed road in Doklam by informing India. On the Doklam dispute, Bhutan is silent.
India’s active trope is 1427258. Besides, it has 11,00000 reserved force. On the other hand, China’s People’s Armed Force is 23,00500 (active force) and 30,00000 in PLA. In total China has 9100000 armed personnel. On nuclear capability, China is the fourth power after Russia, America and France. Then after come Britain, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea.
To make OBOR unsuccessful, western efforts are on. West is provoking small countries in South China Sea against China. Likewise, West is supporting the Dalai Lama to disturb China.
China will not compromise on its present stance. At any cost, China will construct road in Doklam. If India will create dispute, China will give a strong reply, he said.
Jainendra Sharma, former administrator, has stated in an article that Doklam is claimed by China as her territory, whereas, Bhutan has claimed as its territory.
A border war for a limited time and sector cannot be ruled out. He has stated that the dispute could be India’s miscalculation.
Sudhir Sharma, editor of the Kantipur Daily has published a long article in the daily. He has remarked that currently, China, India and Bhutan are engaged in the Doklam dispute. We have also the same disputed area in Kalapani. We should be alert on possible scenario [iterance of foreign troops in Nepal creating dispute on Kalapani issue] in our country.
Even if the Doklam dispute will be resolved for the time being, there will be a crisis of confidence between China and India and it will last for a long time.
Arun Subedi, political analyst, in an interview to AP 1 TV, has said that as Nepal holds special relations with India, Nepal has to support India on the Doklam dispute.
Dr. Lokraj Baral, former ambassador to India, in a article in Annapurna Post daily, has urged the political leaders to develop a concrete Nepal’s India policy. He, by hinting special relations with India both religious and cultural, has hinted to develop good relations with India by respecting India’s security secretiveness.

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