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Nepal Airlines may go bankrupt within a year

Kathmandu, 31 October: The Nepal Airlines Corporation may go bankrupt within a year after purchasing two wide-body aircrafts without commercial plan.

Within 45 days of operation of the two wide-body aircrafts, the Airlines has faced loss worth 491.8 million rupees. This is the loss worth above 10 million rupees per day, reports Annapurna Post daily.

From 1 August to 15 September, the two wide-body aircrafts earned 264.8 million rupees, whereas, the Airlines had to spend 756.6 million rupees for operation of the same.

As the Airlines has not been able to set new destinations, the wide-body aircrafts are flying to the very destinations where the narrow-body aircrafts are flying.

Although it was claimed by the NA management that after introduction of the wide-body aircrafts, the Airlines will fly to Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Gulf countries and Europe, these countries have not given permission to fly.

Sources say that if the Airlines will not be able to fly in other destinations, it will go bankrupt within a year.

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