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NC’s mahasamitee meeting to be held in Kathmandu

By Our Reporter
Nepali Congress, the main opposition party in the parliament, is preparing to hold its Mahasamiti meeting in Kathmandu on November 21-25.
The party has decided to hold the five-day meeting at Bhrikuti Mandap.
Leaders close to Ram Chandra Poudel and Krishna Sitaula and a few youth leaders had been demanding the meeting of Mahasamiti, the powerful body to decide the statute and structure of the party, right after the 2017 general elections, in which the party faced a humiliating defeat.
But party president Sher Bahadur Deuba and his aides deferred the meeting in one pretext and another fearing that he might be overthrown for the poor show in the polls.
Many leaders and supporters of the party blamed Deuba for the defeat of the party in the elections to the provincial assemblies and federal parliament last year.
His unpopular decisions had irked the voters months before the polls and punished his party in the elections.
Meanwhile, the party statute amendment committee led by Purna Bahadur Khadka said that the task to prepare the draft completed and they would summit the draft to the party’s central working committee.
Among the important changes made in the draft is the removal of the provision of active membership in the party. The provision of active membership has promoted unhealthy competition as the leaders who can distribute more active membership will reach the leadership in village and district level committees. In many cases, the leaders were found making non-NC supporter as active member of the party in a hope of getting votes during party committee’s elections. Due to this provision, many honest and genuine NC leaders and cadres have been out of the committees. Now the party has 470.000 active members. With the scrapping of the active members, the NC will truly become a mass-based party.
If the new drafts gets endorsement, the NC will have only one type of membership in place of active and general members.
Similarly, the party will have an eight-level structure from villages to central committee.
Similarly, Khadka reportedly said that no provision has been inserted to make the party president powerful as reported in the media earlier.
However, the amended draft will come into effect only after the Mahasamiti meeting endorses it.

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