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NCP leaders doubtful about each other

By Our Reporter

Outsiders believe that the nation has received a strong and stable government, however, in reality, the government is very weak, as the leaders are doubtful about each other and conspiring against each other to capture power.

There has been seen a triangular struggle inside the ruling party NCP. Madhav Nepal wants to finish KP Sharma Oli, whereas, Oli wants to finish Nepal by taking into confidence Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda.
Prachanda wants the implementation of the gentleman’s agreement of sharing power by the two co-chairmen of the recently formed CPN, the ruling party, turn by turn. He is waiting for the deadline of the completion of the two and a half years to rule by the Oli government.
Prachanda is suspicious that Oli may not handover power so easily. On the other hand, Prachanda is worried from the human rights violation case during the “people’s war” era.
The Americans are threatening the Nepal Army and the then Maoist leaders on such TRC cases in the process of pressurizing the government in joining the Indo-Pacific Strategy.
Prachanda is trying to please the Americans to escape from the TRC trap.
On the other hand, during his second innings as the PM in India, it is expected, Indian PM Narendra Modi would introduce a strong Nepal policy, which will be difficult to manage for a stable government in Nepal.
In conclusion, as a result of the internal conflict in the ruling party and foreign intervention, turmoil is expected to continue in the country.

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