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NC-MC alliance in the offing

congress-uml-flagBy Our Reporter
If all goes well, the nation will have the second majority government within nine months of the promulgation of the new constitution and Pushpa Kamal Dahal will become the prime minister of Nepal for the second time in eight years.
As CPN-UML has decided to remain in the opposition bench and NC has ruled out the possibility of forming a consensus government, the country will not be having consensus government. But the nation will be having the first NC-MC coalition government after the Constituent Assembly elections 2008.
Dahal, who became prime minister after the first Constituent Assembly election in 2008, had resigned in 2009 over Rukmagat Katwal row.  Then he had led the government in the capacity of the largest party and this time he is leading the government as a leader of third largest party.  In 2008, Dahal’s party had 240 members in the then parliament  and now his party has only 79 members.
However, NC and MC will be becoming a part of the same government for the first time after 2008. The two parties had never been together in the government after 2008 elections.  This is why some critics have termed the NC-MC alliance as unnatural.
However, the alliance between the NC-MC should be taken in a positive note as these parties are the key agents of the political change of 2006. The changes brought about in the last one decade were not institutionalized when these two parties failed to stay together in the government. Now when they are all set to be part of the new government, a section of people has been optimistic about the resolution of all problems. But to happen such Dahal should act like Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

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