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National consensus government unlikely

deuba-prachand-and-kp-oliOnce again, Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal has initiated the move to topple down KP Oli led government and has wished to become the prime minister.
On Friday, Dahal met to Oli and asked the latter to respect the “gentleman agreement” along with endorsement of the nine-point agreement between the UML and the then UCPNM, endorsed on 6 May after his first move to topple Oli.
In reply, Oli had denied to have accepted endorsement of any kind of gentleman agreement.
On Saturday, Dahal, addressing the Maoist Centre Headquarters meeting, briefed that as Oli has shown reluctance on implementation of the nine-point agreement as well as respecting the gentleman agreement, he is facing problems. At the meeting of the Hheadquarters member, all the leaders except from Narayankaji Shrestha advised Dahal to seek other alternates against the present Oli led government.
Again, on Sunday, Dahal went to meet Oli to brief the Maoist Center Headquarters’ decision. At that meeting, Oli is learnt to have said that even if Dahal become the prime minister of a majority government, the problems are not going to be resolved unless there will be a national consensus government. Oli also briefed that if the constitution is failsed to be implemented, the achievements made till now will also be lost. Therefore, Oli suggested to Dahal tofor not to makeing efforts for becoming the PM of a majority government, rather, to make efforts to constitute a national consensus government along with participation of the largest party Nepali Congress. PM Oli also convinced to Dahal that if there will be an environment of formation of a national consensus government, he will not be the obstacle. Dahal was convinced from PM Oli’s argument.
Since Sunday, Dahal is making efforts to form a national consensus government and he has assigned some leaders to talk with the NC and UML leaders. Dahal himself has held different rounds of meetings with NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba, UML leaders Madhav Nepal and JN Khanal, among others.
NC’s standpoint:
Although there are two factions in the NC, both the factions have the same conclusion that the national consensus government participated by the major parties would be harmful infor practicing democracy. Therefore, either NC or UML should remain in the Opposition.
Deuba told Dahal either to form a coalition government between NC and Maoist Center or between UML and Maoist Center.
On the other hand, Ramchandra Poudel, who is leading opposition camp in the NC also ruled out topple-down of the present Oli led government. Another leader Sujata Koirala strongly condemned the efforts to topple down Oli led present government. She warned that if toppled down to Oli led government, the constitution implementation process will face a crisis, therefore, to implement the constitution, the present government should continue.
In May, after Deuba returned from Delhi visit, he had developed a secret understanding with Dahal to topple Oli led government. Deuba, even without consulting the central leaders, had assured to Dahal that his party was going to support Dahal to become the PM if he will breaks the present alliance.
Later, Dahal changed his stance and wished to continue the alliance with UML by betraying NC, from which, Deuba was badly exposed within the party as well as in the national and international arena.
Then after, Deuba was found saying that Dahal was not the person to trust. This time, when Dahal went to meet Deuba with the same proposal, Deuba had suggested to Dahal tofor ending his party’s alliance with the UML first. Then only NC will think on Dahal’s proposal. This time, Deuba hads not assured to Dahal tofor supporting him from to becomeing the PM.
India factor:
Although, it has been claimed that now Nepal-India relation has been normalized, covertly, Indian establishment is not happy from PM Oli’s performance. Therefore, Indians are making efforts to downsize UML by using ambitious Dahal. In this course, Indians want to keep UML in the opposition and making all efforts against formation of a national consensus government. The Indian plan is to make Prachanda prime minister with the support of NC and the agitated tarai based parties,. which are in agitation.
On the above background, until now, there is no sign of formation of a national consensus government., Hhowever, there is the possibility of formation of a majority government headed by Maoist Centre chair Dahal as per the design of India.

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